Firestick Remote App – How to Pair, Fix and Much More

Know about Firestick Remote App using free tutorials with solutions How to Fix Firestick Remote, Pair Firestick Remote and much more. Amazon Fire Stick Remote offers a free apps called Fire stick Remote that is Unknown to many people. I am quite happy to find this apps because it makes my life easier with Fire Stick in several ways. So I want to write this article, so that you can also get to know the Amazon Fire Stick Remote Apps and its benefits. This application is available on Android and iOS through the Official App Store.

This Fire Stick Remote Apps is available for the main Android and iOS mobile platform. In this post, I have tried to handle everything you need to know about the application. Continue reading!

Why do I need the Amazon Firestick Remote Apps?

When I started using Fire Stick, I didn’t hear about Amazon Fire stick Remote App. The Firestick Remote Not Working with using a traditional Fire Stick Remote has not been made easy fix. The Remote is a minimalist device and does not have a button.

Fire Stick Mobile Apps makes typing easier

Firestick give you an on Screen Keyboard when you need to type. However, maneuvering the cursor with the direction key and punching the far field sign is completely uncomfortable. So I looked for input devices, a keyboard that works with Firestick Remote. I found some, but I don’t like the idea of spending money on something as basic as a keyboard, which would be part of the package.

As it happened, I found the Amazon Fire Stick Remote App for Android and iOS. I immediately download the Apps to see what he could do for me. And I found that I could enter Firestick Remote via my smartphone. The best Firestick Remote thing about this apps is and still is free.

One reason why you need a mobile FireStick Apps that makes your life easier.

Firestick Remote Apps functions as a backup Remote

Soo I found another reason why I needed the apps. For some reason, my Amazon Firestick Remote App is physically charging the battery too fast. Usually I have to replace the battery every 15 days < sometimes it takes a little longer >.

One day when I was painted with the Firestick Apps, the battery ran out in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I don’t have spare parts. So I can’t see the film I want to wait for the next day to buy a battery.

If I know about this Apps, I can use it as a Firestick Remote Control.

If your Amazon Firestick Remote does not work or function for a reason, you can always use the Mobile Firestick Apps as a Remote Backup.

Get Firestick Remote Apps?

That is easy, the Firestick Remote app is official supported on the platforms Android and iOS. That means you can Download Fire Stick Remote from the Store you are using.

To get Firestick app for Android, open the PlayStore “Search for the Keyword” -> Fire TV Remote Apps <-. If you want to use the Firestick Apps for iOS, open the App Store and search for the same keyword. Follow the instructions on the screen and install the apps and very easy!

How to Use Amazon Fire Stick Remote App?

You must first Pair Firestick Apps with a Fire Stick device. There are two important things to remember:

  1. You must enter the Apps using the same Amazon Account as your Fire Stick device.
  2. The Device where you use the Amazon Firestick Apps and your Firestick device must be connected to the same WiFi Network.

If you forget which Amazon Account you entered into Firestick, you can verify is as follows:

  • Select < Preferences > on the Firestick Howe Screen.
  • Click on < My Account >.
  • Your Account registered on Amazon will be displayed under < My Account >.
  • Change your Amazon Account, click the current account, then click Exit on the next screen. Now you can log in with another Account.
  • Note Please that Registering an Account will cause all installed apps and even some of your Firestick Data to be lost

Sign In your Amazon Firestick Apps

  1. Run the Firestick Apps after Downloading it. When first opened, the screen looks like this. Continue and Click < Enter > below. firestick remote
  2. Enter your Access Data for Amazon Account and Click the button < Login > again. firestick remote app
  3. The Apps will now search for a Firestick Device < if both are connected to the sam WiFi Network >. It only takes a few seconds for Application to find the Device.
  4. If the Apps finds Firestick, it will be displayed on the screen. Touch the device name and the following window will appear. This is how Fire Stick Remote Apps look when Fire Stick App and devices are Synchronized. firestick remote replacement

Let me now take various parts of the Remote Apps.

How to Use Fire Stick Remote Apps

How to use Fire TV Stick Remote App is quite Easy. They Get used to it in a few minutes.

As you can see, the bottom of the Apps has the same button layout as the Physical Remote. It has the Back, Start, Menu, Back, Play and Forward buttons.

This is the top part of the Apps that we need to recognize. The Top Panel has 5 Buttons.

  1. The Leftmost 5 dots & 5-lane horizontal button will take you to a list of apps that you can see from the available Firestick devices. firestick remote instructions
  2. The Second button from the left <Gear Icon> displays a pop-up menu with two options: Sleep Mode and Settings. firestick remote not working
  3. Pressing <Sleep> will make your device sleep.
  4. Settings open your Firestick device Settings menu on TV.
  5. With a Physical Remote Control, you must return to the Firestick Home Screen and then choose Settings. However, the Setting Options on the Fire Stick Remote Control are shortcuts and you do not have to go Back to the Home Screen. firestick remote unresponsive
  6. Mic Button <third from left> is a Firestick Remote App for Alexa Voice Commands and matches the Mic Button on your Physical Remote. The Only difference is that you don’t need to hold the Button <like with a Physical Remote>, but only need to pull the Microphone Icon once and Issue a Voice Command. firestick remote stopped working
  7. Grid Icon <second from right> opens your <Apps & Channels> section <Register your Apps>. Clicking on this icon will only open a list of Apps on your mobile, not on your Entertainment TV to Firestick. firestick remote online
  8. The Button on the far right is the Keyboard icon. This Option allows you to Enter a Firestick device from your mobile Keypad.
  9. For this Option to Work, the Text Box must be Active on Firestick. firestick remote pairing
  10. The Central Part of the Fire Stick Remote App is for Navigation. It functions like a Touchpad. You can Control the Fire Stick Interface with the Movements of your Fingers. To Open an Item, Select and Tap the Touchpad in the Remote Apps.
  11. This Part of the Apps Replaces the direction Buttons and Selection Buttons on the Physical Remote Control. firestick remote tv

Wrapping Up on Fire Stick Remote Apps

Firestick Remote makes it very useful for me. Not only does typing make is Easy, I also have a Firestick Remote Replacement that I don’t want to Buy. This also saves me Money because I don’t need to Buy additional input devices for Fire Stick. Fire Stick Remote Apps have features that provide Physical Remote Control, and Some additions. Overall, I’m glad I found the Fire TV Remote for my device and recommend you download it to your cellphone. If you have suggestions or questions, let us know in the Comments or Contact Us section below.

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