Amazon Firestick With Voice Remote and Setup

Amazon Firestick with Voice Remote and Setup – today we’re going to be setting up the all-new firestick with voice remote. Now when we had reviewed the original firestick we came away extremely impressed the firestick with the voice remote should make searching for content much easier than the original fire TV stick we will be doing a full review of this so please stay tuned for that now I’ll also leave a link to our review of the original fire TV stick in the description below in case you’re looking to check that out

so let’s go ahead and get it out of its box okay and once these pieces of tape are cut open it slides out of its outer packaging and you have this flat box inside and this is flat opens the Box up first you have the stick itself which looks almost exactly like the old stick now this has the full size HDMI connector which plugs into your TV USB connector for power now you can plug this into the USB port on your TV or you can use a AC power adapter we’ll show you how now the remote as you can see here has a new voice search button and this is the major difference between the last version and this version will be checking out how this works in the full review

Amazon Firestick With Voice Remote

so please stay tuned for that let’s see what else we have take this shelf off a user manual to help you set the device up for the first time the USB cable to power the device up now this can be plugged directly into your TV I’ll show you exactly how or you can use these power adapter which they also provide you can plug the USB cable into this then you can plug this into your wall outlet and then plug the microUSB port into your fire TV stick very thoughtfully Amazon’s also included two triple A batteries for your remote.

Amazon Firestick With Voice Remote and Setup

so you can get started without having to look for triple-a metrics a lot of us don’t have triple-a batteries lying around so it’s very thoughtful of them to put this in the package it gets you started right out of the box you don’t have to wait you don’t have to wait till you go out and shop for triple-a batteries now this is an HDMI extender or an HDMI extension adapter now I don’t really like this too much this is for folks who have very little space between the TV and the wall and need an HDMI extension to plug this stick into the TV now with the last version they provided an HDMI extension cable this allows you to connect the fight TV stick to the TV even

if you have very little space now with this new adapter all it does is it allows you to plug in your fire TV stick to this adapter you still need a full size HDMI cable to go between this device and the TV I think that’s kind of a step backwards I really wish that included that HDMI extension as they did with the original version but for most people this shouldn’t be an issue but if it’s an issue you’re going to need a full size HDMI cable make sure to get a really short one now the first step is to install batteries in your remote slide the cover down gently and then it pops off

now watch the polarity both the positives seem to be pointing to the front of the remote and then pop the cover back into its groove and slide it back in that completes the installation of the batteries first thing we’re going to do is plug the fire TV stick into the TV now the HDMI ports on my TV are on the side or rather on the edge and I’m going to plug the device into one of
those HDMI ports you can choose either one of the HDMI ports that you have free okay and go ahead and plug the fire TV stick in next I’m going to plug the microUSB end of the USB cable into the fire TV stick and then I’m going to plug the USB cable into a port on the TV

now if you choose not to plug it into your TV you can also as I said use the AC adapter to power the device but you need power either way so I’m going to plug it in my case into the side of my TV which has a free USB port it’s plugged in to the side of the TV and it will power up as soon as your TV is powered up the next step is to make sure that your TV is plugged in and then go ahead use the remote on your TV and power on your TV first choose the HDMI source in my case it’s HDMI too and as you can see the fire TV stick is now booting up it’s going to take a little bit of time the first time to boot up and in order to pair the remote I’m going to press down on the home button on my remote so press down on your home button that’s the button right here press down on that about 10 seconds

now the remote has paired to the fire TV stick it also went through a minor update process which took about a minute to two minutes the device is now ready to use and now all it asks you to do is press that play button and I’m going to go ahead and press the play button on my remote then next it asks you to set up the language you’d like to use in my case I’m just going to use English United States select that then the next message on the screen it says unsupported USB port insufficient USB power detected use the included USB cable and Amazon power adapter for proper operation

now this is what they recommend it’s up to you what you use they really recommend using the AC adapter I guess the device uses slightly higher power than the original device but I’m just going to run it without that AC adapter and see how it performs so I’m just going to go continue without power adapter says scanning for networks then it’ll ask you to connect to your specific Wi-Fi network in my case its vortex one and then it asks for the password for this network I’m going to go ahead and enter it ok

so i’ve entered the password and i’m going to go ahead and hit connect now how you navigate through these menus is using the navigation wheel this moves you right this moves you to the left this moves you up and down so that’s how you navigate and you select using the button on the center very reminiscent of the early iPods okay and it’s connecting to the network now that took a few minutes it connected it to the network and then it automatically registered the device to the Amazon account you used to buy the fire TV stick now that’s if you bought it from Amazon

if you bought it from some other retailer you will need to sign in using your Amazon account or at least create one if you don’t have one already and that’s very simple to do now in my case I’m just going to continue with my car account you could also change your account if you want to okay then it says it’s checking for Network speed next it plays a demo on how to install and use your amazon firetv stick it’s kind of handy if you want to sort of get an overview of how this whole thing works so go ahead and watch it if you’d like but that’s up to you we’re just going to skip it for now.

okay next it asks you whether you’d like to enable parental controls especially if you have kids in the house this is very important in this case I’m not going to do that I’m just going to say no parental controls then it says that Amazon Alexa is now on fire TV now this is the voice search feature that does all sorts of general search terms like how’s the weather in Seattle today play music by Bruno Mars it’ll do all that I’m just going to say got it and hit select ok and there you go it brings you to the home page of your Amazon fire TV stick you can browse a lot of content

if you’re a prime share you can view all your prime content here you also have apps like Netflix and wesbsite where you can watch other content from Netflix and YouTube and HBO and all the other content providers so the stick is now ready to go and ready to use we will be
doing a very in-depth review on how the stick works and also sort of comparing it to the old fire TV stick just to see what kind of changes they’ve brought about so please stay tuned for that review. If you haven’t Share please make sure to Share to stay tuned for that review. if you found this Article useful please support our Website by hitting that like button and thank you very much for Read Amazon Firestick with Voice Remote and Setup.

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