Best Bluetooth Remote for Firestick and More!

Best Bluetooth Remote for Firestick and More – what’s going on people back at it again within another amazing contains today’s, contains is my very first product review and as I promise I’m gonna find a remote that can work with the firestick that has a mousepad. Yes you heard that right this guy right here is made by a company called eye passport probably pronouncing it wrong but as you see this is one of those it’s one of those keypad keypads that you could use way Android boxes that they have the RF switch but the only difference with this one is this one is a Bluetooth one and this one actually works with Amazon devices. Alright, so let me show you how this is when you order this it’s only about like $15.99 it’s like 16 bucks.

Best Bluetooth Remote for Firestick, Fire TV and More!

Best Bluetooth Remote for Firestick

Some change I get him on Amazon and since I have prime only took two to two days to get and it’s easy to get. If you don’t have Prime, I believe it’s still the same price but I’ll take a little longer to get but anyways let me show you how it is in the open this up simple package just they don’t even staple it but it’s real simple as you see you already know this is the keyboard you know I mean it has like one of those cheap plastics see you get the lithium battery it doesn’t have the RF they are dual things that you put in the USB because this is just a straight bluetooth but I do want to show you something you see right there the battery life or the battery strength is only 800 that’s all you really need is this thing you could charge up and use it for days and not even stress stress about dying it does charge though you can charge it okay

It comes with the charger here and it’s simple like it’s one of those simple cell phone chargers let me see if I can get this and focus they go see how is the mini one simple and what’s nice about it is it comes see if I could open this up better it comes actually with the charger you’re looking like this okay you see that it comes where you could plug it in to charge and you have this here and then you have this guy right here okay

it’s pretty neat I like that that’s one thing they they give you and then also gives you instructions the instructions are pretty much in having Chinese and Japanese or Chinese whatever it is but it’s really simple to do and it actually shows you how to activate for certain devices like for your iPhone or your Android yeah on this booklet according to this it says you can activate it for iPhones or I Apple devices I don’t have an Apple device but it says you can connect it I have Android but the devices so and then this is the model numbers that they have you see here all different ones this one is a model number there it is you can see that right there

okay but don’t worry about it I’ll have it in the description of the mom the link that you can order it on Amazon and it’s real easy to do I have that link down there below but let me show you real quick simple you just turn it on and see how it lights up to turn on the Bluetooth so you could link you hit this button and your f1 button you hold it down for five seconds and then I’ll link up with your fire stake okay it does have a backlight we see here the backlight if I remember how to turn it on does turn on the right there so you hit that I just turned off it’s really dim on here but it does have a backlight okay so enough talking let me show you how this bad boy works alright started this up so let me just show you real quick I don’t have a mouse toggle so we’re going to go into this here hit that right there just to show you there is no Monstar go okay normally it will be probably right it’ll be definitely right in here

it’s not there so don’t have it so what we’re gonna do okay to set this up we’re going to go into controllers and Bluetooth devices go down to other Bluetooth devices you’re gonna click that once you click that you’re gonna hit you’re gonna hit um excuse me real quick you’re going to hit add Bluetooth devices so once you add you click that it’s searching for your Bluetooth remote you’re going to turn this remote on and from this point all you’re gonna do is press f1 and F n for 5 seconds 1 2 3 4 5 and just let it go the buttons and right now you’re gonna see on your remote it’s blinking blue give it a second you see how it popped up now with your firestick remote up see what’s gonna happen is you gotta wait till it shows up again I waited too long.

So once it comes back up give it a second hit the select button on your fire stick remote now it’s pairing with your iPad’s port remote give it a second and it should kick up and there you go now you’re ready to go all right I’m using let me see here was the home button yep I’m using right now that remote on my iPad support but I want to show you something this is really good see how the NFL stream everybody that knows this apk you have to use the mouse toggle well let me show you you’re gonna go into it let it load up okay and all you have to do is touch the mouse pad you see what happens and then to scroll up and down you see how this goes okay and actually there’s no other games on

so I’m going to select another which we’re going to go to their ghost TV bottle – actually this one I don’t think will open up I need the new version Oh No okay so here you go you’re gonna click access rapido see how and it works pretty good now you’re like you get ads so let me back out of that you say well it won’t go down well what’s nice is you press the mod 1 right and you just basically scroll down with your two fingers let’s see here yep and it’s basically it moves pretty quick you see that pretty good now just to show you you just click it select and you could go with your mouse all using this iPads remote give it a second of course it won’t work that’s no problem just not here to show you there’s apk works this is actually outdated TV bottle – I have a new one but anyways the one thing I did want to show you too

is you see how the you can’t exit out of this here with the iPads or remote you can easily hit the house button on your remote and it takes you out and there you go now or you still you’re still able to use your fire fire stick remote as well like here you hear the clicks still using it but there you go this iPads port remote is pretty damn good let me turn it off when you turn it off it should tell you it’s not connected well usually it does I did it the other day and it worked but there you go you see how it says it’s not just kind of is disconnected so it is a pretty good remote and you eliminates the mouse toggle which is a Gary t+ I can’t stand that mouse toggle but anyways the links are down below of how to get it hope you check it out a few and it’s cheap it’s only like 16 bucks and it’s um if you have Prime it takes

two days again if you don’t have Prime it’ll take maybe a little longer but not that long okay hope you guys enjoyed the Artcile Best Bluetooth Remote for Firesetick. if you guys did please hit the like button share my article as well as my channel and also bookmarks hope you guys enjoyed and have a great.

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