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Download Xfinity app for Firestick is available now and you can Install Xfinity app for Firestick after this latest version of 2020. Even Xfinity on Firestick is possible. What up Website Firestick Jailbroken coming back and giving another article. Today I want to show you guys Xfinity TV working on the fire stick that I have plugged into the back of this TV, this will also work on fire TV. Now the trick to make this work guys is you have to have Chrome browser installed or on your fire TV or fire stick.

So not only do you need Xfinity TV, but you also need the Chrome browser as, well because both of these applications are going to work together and chrome is going to basically put the Xfinity TV into the login screen. So you go ahead and put in your login information. You can go ahead and start watching TV shows movies all of that good stuff. Ok now in this article I’m just going to go through and show you guys it working Xfinity app for Firestick. Those of you guys that want to get this app and Chrome browser. Download Xfinity App for Firestick


Download Xfinity App for Firestick 2020

  1. if you know how to sign load applications over to your five devices go ahead.
  2. sign load them open up the chrome browser set everything up in it.
  3. Then close it out and then you’re going to go ahead.
  4. open up Xfinity TV once you open that up and then you’re going to click on get started then it’s going to take you to the login screen put your information in, you’re good to go now.

If you don’t know how to sideload applications, i’m not going to be showing you guys how to do that because a little time-consuming afton explain that. Then switch over to the computer but there’s tons of article on Website showing you guys how to do that. Just look that up how to sign load applications over to your fire stick of fire TV and there’s tons of videos to
show you guys how to do that today I’m just going to show you guys that it’s working and everything is good all the applications that you need to site load it’s going to be in the description down below and I also have a video in the description too where you guys will be able to check out a video on how to side load applications to your fire stick or fire TV okay for those of you guys who don’t know how to do it with that said let’s go ahead I want to scroll down to show you guys that I do have crawler which is right here I just installed it okay there’s my Xfinity TV

let’s go ahead and go into it I was watching a few things here just doing a little bit of testing to make sure everything works good another thing to guys it’s just like when Xfinity TV go you’re going to need more than just your remote that comes with your fire stick or fire TV and I’m going to demonstrate for you right here with the remote control you can actually highlight the three lines is up there and go into it but the problem is show you here it won’t highlight anything that’s in this menu the only thing that’s automatically highlighted is the for you.

okay so you’re going to need actually you don’t even need a keyboard and you don’t need a Bluetooth controller all you need is a I got a video that I made I’ll put that in the description as well where you can use a on-screen cursor it’s an app that you download from a website I’ll put that link in the description down below guys so that way if you don’t really

have the money to go out and buy a fancy keyboard or a gaming controller or one of those special pants that has the little keys on there and all that you ain’t got to worry about doing that if you check out the video that I have a link down below I actually show you guys how to download this application and install it it’s something I haven’t checked it out in a while but it’s something about a mouse cursor it

appears on your screen I’m going to be doing that actually with this remote control but I’m just showing you guys right now that you just using it regularly it’s not highlighting anything for you to go into like for instance movies TV shows etc so with that application if I double click the play button here as you see it just brought up a cursor now like I said I got a video showing you guys how to install this in your remote controls I’ll have it in the description down below so you guys can go ahead and install that on yours as well but now I’m actually able

to highlight whatever I want in this menu over here so let’s go ahead and go to movies all right so what you want to do now is you want to double click on this and now I can scroll down the list of movies here now that just took the cursor away so let’s say I’ll run it – I’m just going to click on a random movie here I just brought the cursor back up so let’s go ahead and click on this one here and go ahead and click watch go ahead and get out of that but this cursor on-screen cursor thing comes in really handy guys for applications that you can’t get to work with the remote that on-screen cursor works beautifully guys all I got to do is move the little or navigator around on the remote.

Xfinity Stream TV App for Firestick Download

Now I can go to another movie I can exit out of this one then I’m previously looking at now let’s go ahead and do one more movie now let’s do let’s do King Kong then load up here you
go ahead and get out of that so now let’s go back up with the on-screen cursor and let’s say now you want to look at TV shows so let’s go ahead and click on that let’s go ahead and do Empire check out the latest episode of then join the conversation at live tweet with us y’all use hash tag and pocket the Lions are waiting for you viewer discretion is advised previously on Empire you got shot your PTSD is no less than.

You get the me treatment no no the person that’s killing you right now Mama’s here so one thing that ain’t change dude all right guys so it’s TV shows seem to be working pretty good all right we’re going to go down networks now this is where I ran into some issues with guys now just hold on for one second guys all right guys I’m back now one of the issues I was running with let me get rid of this cursor is I’m in the network’s right and it’s not letting me go down the screen so I can click on certain channels which is weird and usually with networks on extra tennety TV go it would you know let you scroll down to all the different channels but like I said I don’t know they’re still working on this and ain’t got it together or not but currently you can’t scroll down to anything in the network’s thing so that’s not good at all I mean you can click on what’s here.

Xfinity App Download for Firestick

If you’re actually subscribed to it but that’s pretty much that um and you have your downloads which I don’t do any downloads I don’t do any downloading I don’t know what the for you is maybe just movies and TV shows they pay especially out for you to check out yeah but I’m guessing the network is more of the live thing but like I said it’s not giving you too many choices on that let me go down to this guide here all right well here’s the guide well it doesn’t like is going to let us scroll down that’s either guys so some of the stuff works in here my live TV seem like you can’t scroll up and down your live TV channels networks you can’t do the same thing in there either you can’t scroll up and down.

That works so for the ones that we can see let’s go ahead and do just click on one of these like to battle the Bulge I maintain at 80 pound weight loss for 11 years six months guys this is live TV here guys only a few Website that they let you check out surgery is not for everyone it’s not as simple as going under the knife and coming up go ahead. come out of that so yeah guys let’s go ahead and get on out of that so what I’ve seen so far is the Xfinity TV app does work um the only way it’s going to work is if you open it up um with Crone log out of this you have to have Chrome on your fire TV or fire stick along with Xfinity TV app for the app to work um what are the problems a couple of problems is that live TV when you go into the live TV and try to scroll up and down nothing happens you can’t access all your live TV channels another thing when you go on the network you can’t scroll up and down that either to access channels as well.

How to Download Xfinity App for Firestick

Hopefully they’re going to be working on this for a fix um again this Xfinity TV app is not officially in the Amazon store so this is another reason why these things don’t work in here because this app is it meant for fire TV or fire stick devices these applications only meant for touch devices like I have this any TV on my RCA tablet that I just did a unboxing on and I scroll up and down and the network’s live TV everything works beautifully only touch device but when it comes to a non touch device that’s when you start running into problems now if they’re going to be a fixed around this maybe with a new update I don’t know but if there is a fix that a new update I will make a new article to go along with this if you guys like this article give me a thumbs up comment down below.

Tell me what you think about the Download Xfinity App for firestick what do you think about it so far as far as working for the fire TV and fire stick. so far I think it’s okay for what it is even though it doesn’t work to properly with scrolling up and down as far as your TV guys. Looking for other live channels to watch or your network channels as well other than that I think it’s cool guys this is the man Center for three wonder where you sign out please subscribe to me click that bell next to the description tab so you always be notified when I make article and put them up comment down below and tell me what you think about this download xfinity app for Firestick TV share this article with your friends and family. If you guys have any questions about this app or need help with anything just drop a comment down below and I’ll help you as much as possible this is the math seven four three one sign and Alps.

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