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How to Add FilmOn to a FireStick With All Premium FilmOn Channels Free – hello and welcome this article is brought to you by the Firestick Jailbroken .info tailor your entertainment with streaming. Today we’re talking about FilmOn and we’re actually gonna be talking about FilmOn on the Fire TV film on. If you’re not familiar with it is a company that has apps and a website that allows people to watch various things through their devices. Like you, know live TV on-demand programming and in general entertain themselves pretty easily and the thing is is that there is not an actual app for it for the fire TV. But I’m going to show you a way to add it there’s a couple of ways to do it but, what I’d like to be able to do on the fire TV is put things on directly and what I use for that is a program called Aptoide. Aptoide is a browser that’s actually a not even a browser it’s a app store, that you can add to the fire TV and to Android devices. but before you add any sort of a side loaded application we have to make sure that our system is set up to accept it and we have apps from unknown sources turned on.

If this is turned off you won’t be able to load anything like I’m trying to show you here next we’re going to go to applications and go to act toy. I’m going to lunch Aptoide and what Aptoide is this it’s like an alternative Google Play Store the Google Play Store doesn’t typically work very well on the fire TV. So I put Aptoide on here, so that we can grab some apps, no and then that you can’t find anywhere else so you come in here and look for film on and next and see there you see film on live TV. So select it and select install, so now it’s going to do it’s going to download this directly to the fire TV. Now I’ve got a guide on adding Aptoide to your fire TV, I’m going to link it in the Category there’s a couple of ways to do it the. How to Add Filmon To a FireStick


Guide on Adding Aptoide on Fire TV

The guide deals with ADB fire, but we’ve shown you the total commander and that is a very easy way to add it to your fire TV. Just for the sake of it I’ll show you the total commander app. Before we leave this how to add Filmo to a Fire Stick ok so. FilmOn has been downloaded and we’ll install it you see, if you look this looks like a more of a typical Android menu because it really is vs the fire TV menu and just in case you’re wondering this is the original fire TV. This is not the newer version I have both but I find that for my purposes of tutorials production this one works better. I can’t tell you why so we’re just going to say done on this and just before we go too much further I want to show you the total commander app because this makes things very easy just going to ask for it total commander thinking there we are.

Go up to apps games and see that this is total commander we’ve already got it on the system and you see what it does is, it allows you to load things via SD cards. If you plug in a USB stick into the USB drive on the fire TV, it will let you load things directly from that so you can always download something like Aptoide to your computer. put it on a USB Drive real simple plug it into the device here and put it right under your system it’s very simple. I’ve gotten some I’ve had some other tutorials on it notably the Kodi – fire TV tips I did recently. So I’ll go ahead and link the article that shows how to use the system into the Category and you can go from there so you saw us download film on.

Now we’re going to launch it, you notice we have to go into manage applications and there it’s listed it’s not going to be listed up in your main menu we can launch it. Now we’ve got film on here on the fire TV, you got to get to these menus here. I’m just gonna hit the back run work and a testimonial from the NSA okay and I’ve seen this happen with our club for some reason I find that you might even have to leave it well in the conference was. The problem that exception of Malcolm was that he was somehow a dealer that sure we want to leave then that’s launching it yeah see odd huh but you see you’ve got the film on menu right at your disposal.

It takes a little bit of maneuvering you gotta click the little directional pad around maybe press the center button always helps. Then you will be able to get to the menu you can bounce around see what you like, you do get ads as you say but that is the nature of the beast. once you find something that you like for these press the play button press down and you expand the screen and you’ll see right there this view time 30 seconds. That’s because we aren’t signed in right now once you’re signed in you get on my unlimited access but for these purposes. I’m just trying to show you the basic navigation whatever less our. Band Western is safe will press play and expand this isn’t going to be pry full-HD Symbol yeah it’s an older and older film here. Ab and western but um did I state that this is a cool option to add it’s a whole nother video player that you can just drop onto fire TV. Simply because it’s you know for all intents and purposes it’s an amaz it’s an Android device.

So I hope you found that helpful a lineup Leon is not a on FilmOn we’re always doing that FilmOn is a popular application. I hope that you’re able to load this onto your Fire TV and enjoy it but that’s how you do it just you need to use total commander or Aptoide. But I always recommend just having Aptoide available, I mean it’s it’s just really helpful. If you want to load something like Kodi on later on or if a new app comes out you know and you don’t have a you might not have a computer available at the time or something like that. You just yeah you’ve got it right there it’s nice to have a little a plan an alternate app store but that is that I am Ryan down to the streaming Advisor. I hope you found this helpful and if you did please bookmark to our Website we’re inching up on 3,000 subscribers guys bar about 200 plus away and that’s really exciting I want to see us burst over 3,000 the next couple of weeks. That would just be excellent share How to Add FilmOn to a FireStick with your friends and as always stream on my friends.

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