Fire Stick 4K – Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Fire Stick 4K is available now and you can Download Amazon Fire Stick 4K after this latest version of 2020. Even Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote is possible. o what’s up everybody it’s your boy floss back again with another video and today we’re gonna take a look at the Amazon fire TV stick 4k. now you can pick this up from fire stick usa.com I’ll put a link up in the description the price on this one 75 bucks now I know what you’re getting ready to say why would I buy this from fire stick usa.com for 75 bucks when I could just go on Amazon and get the same one for 50 bucks well once I show you this website and I’ll show you all the extra features that you get with this version you’re gonna understand why this is the best extra 25 bucks you ever spent in your life first things first shout out the white shoes back in the buildings special up the birthday party white shoes calm down alright so let’s take it over to the website 75 bucks this is what you’re gonna get all right, so here’s five stick usa.com it’s an official website.

Now you notice they got two different versions one for sixty bucks and one for seventy-five I’ll go over the differences in a minute now you’re wondering why the extra 25 bucks check this out unlimited TV series for free unlimited movies free in theater movies free all sports packages free that includes the NFL the NBA MLB NHL UFC free all pay-per-view fights free now check this out no monthly fee just a one-time fee for the device so what does that mean say goodbye to your cable say goodbye to Netflix say goodbye to Amazon say goodbye to all your paid subscriptions everything is included for free the only requirement is a Wi-Fi connection or cell phone hotspot.


Fire Stick 4K – Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote 2020

Fire Stick 4K – Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote: now you get over 300 premium live TV channels again all for free that’s all of the major networks international live TV channels free that includes Mexico India Canada UK and more now if you join the Facebook group you get 24 hour customer support this is insane here’s all your standard just now basically everything that you get from a brand-new Amazon fire stick TV Wi-Fi connectivity cloud storage supports all your different formats you get warranty with this one now one-year limited warranty or you can purchase two or three year warranties now here’s the difference in the price if you don’t have a 4k TV you don’t need a fire stick 4K, you can just get the 1080p version that one’s gonna run you 60 bucks but if you got a 4k TV get the 4k version 75 bucks what’s the difference between the two like I said one is 4k one is 1080p but with the 4k one the processor is slightly faster all right it’s quad-core clock that 1.7 gigahertz or the 1080p version its quad-core clocked at 1.3.

Even if you don’t have a 4k TV you can still get the full cage stick if you want a faster processor now I’ll set this up on my TV we’ll go through all of the features this has the new Amazon remote if you notice it has volume controls now and it has Alexa built-in join the Facebook group 24-hour customer support this is insane alright so let’s unbox this real quick I’ll take it upstairs connected to my TV and what breezed through the features here we go for k5 stick TV let’s see what’s included you got your fire stick your LexA voice remote two double-a batteries your power adapter USB cable and the HDMI extender cable what’s needed just the Internet okay let’s see you got a LexA 4k Ultra HD high dynamic range Dolby vision quad core support your latest Wi-Fi format.

Fire stick 4K Review

Fire Stick 4K Review – Let’s see what you get inside the box that’s usual books and plug them and follow me this is gonna be micro USB cable USB a micro USB here’s your power brick now here’s your updated alexa remote volume controls you got your voice remote now you have power you can turn the power on and off from the remote got back home menu skip reverse play volume up and down and mute to double-a batteries included and this is gonna be your fire stick so this is all you’re gonna need right so you’re gonna connect this right to your TV right in the HDMI slot then you’re gonna plug in this cable right in it just like this bear with me up all right you’re gonna plug this in plug it into your TV and plug this into your power this is all you need to have unlimited movies TVs all kind of entertainment you do have access to the web so you got all your YouTube videos web browsing or your scumbag activities everything included for 75 bucks this is pretty dope all right so let’s put him in check for the unboxing let’s see did I miss anything oh here’s your HDMI cable extender and that’s it all right so.

Now I’m a pause the article Amazon Fire stick 4K I’m gonna go upstairs connect it to the TV and let’s bridge through some of the menus and check out some of these movies talk amongst yourselves all right Joss we’ll be back in now I got this all set up so now let’s test it out now for the setup process real simple you’re gonna plug the fire stick into your TV’s HDMI port then you’re gonna plug the power into the wall go back to your TV put it on HDMI and this is the screen that’s gonna pop up then you’re gonna go over to settings put in your Wi-Fi information after that you all set up now check this out say I want to watch a movie alright I got the remote in my hand I’m gonna hit the mic let’s search for Robin Hood Robin Hood now here’s Robin Hood on Amazon let’s click on that that’s $15 now say I want to watch it for free check this out let’s go back home now you’re gonna go down to this burning house icon open that up go over to cinema HD let’s click on that wait for everything to load up.

Fire Stick 4K Sale

Fire Stick 4K Sale – now here’s all your movies now if you go on the top you to search you got now playing upcoming top rated new HD releases action adventure fantasy sci fi harbor documentaries all your different categories but if you notice scroll down a little bit you see Robin Hood right here let’s click on Robin Hood wait for this to load up you waiting for that play button alright there’s the play button click on that let’s hit play now let’s just start over now we watch in Robin Hood for free and look at the quality of this this is 1080p this is the actual movie ya know my favorite price is free 99.

now let’s skip a little bit here’s the movie now on the side note this TV right here that I’m testing this out is trash so the picture looks a little grainy but this is a 4k stick if I put it on my real 4k TV it’s gonna look beautiful let’s go back home alright so now let’s take it back to the burning house icon let’s say we want to watch some live TV let’s go to mobbed rope we’ll click on this let’s go to channels here’s all your TV channels Det you got lifetime hallmark all the Discovery Channel’s Showtime CBS sci-fi you name it anything you want to see let’s click on Animal Planet and here it is this is actual live TV 18 ++ it back out of this listen you got Spike TV comedy channel basically everything I so let’s exit out of this one now you also got let’s go to TV tap sit accept.

Fire Stick 4K Kodi

Fire Stick 4K Kodi – Now check this out this is again all your different TV channels all your different countries there’s basically too much for me to go through in one video play with it yourself you’re gonna find what you’re looking for let’s go back home now say we want to watch YouTube I’m gonna use the remote control I’m gonna hit the mic YouTube Flossie Carter click on YouTube there it is let’s check out one of the videos yup everybody it’s your boy boss back again for another video and today is just like that it’s 18 okay white shoes okay the shoes let’s pause that alright now you also have all your standard Alexa features grab the remote hit the microphone what’s the weather in New York City right now in New York it’s 34 degrees Fahrenheit with cloudy skies today’s forecast has partly sunny weather with a high of 44 degrees and a low of 34 degrees who won the mix game last night the Knicks lost to the 76ers 126 to 111 they’ll play tonight at 6:30 p.m. away against the Hawks did that answer your question ask it anything you want right from the remote.

Now you can also play music play some mob deep getting Mobb Deep’s station from iHeartRadio now that’s just the station if I want to I could search for individual songs now on the side note everybody that buys one of these fire sticks is gonna get a link to this comment this article Fire Stick 4K I’ll also leave it up in the description this is basically just a walk through that’s gonna show you how to use every single one of the apps so I’m gonna do an overview of the most important things you need to know to use your fire stick.

Fire Stick 4K Jailbreak

Fire Stick 4K Jailbreak – So like I said I’ll leave it up in the description now let’s say we want to watch some sports let’s go back to the burning house let’s go back to mobbed row let’s go to sports and his will be got ESPN espn2 ESPNU we got football baseball golf you name it let’s see if we can find something different let’s see if we got any basketball on tonight matter of fact let’s look for NBA TV do have it going on Bradley Beal 28 with 11 assists in the 3 to cut it to Meg just gotta wait for it to load too much feel mouse analysis NBA TV for free but everybody else staying home they’re just so afraid of the 3-point line they don’t want it this is 6 deep in help out now say you want to watch bird box on Netflix there’s two things you could do first you could go to Netflix and pay some money and sign up for Netflix account or we could watch it for free.

Let’s go back to the burning house let’s go to cinema HD let’s go to the searched bird box and there it is wait for that play buddy hit play wait for to load up and now we’re watching bird box for free this is a go there it is look at the quality nothing like free movies alright one more thing I wanted to show you and this is what I use the most let’s go back in a burning house let’s go to Sabo flicks TV binge watching some of my favorite shows now let’s see let’s say I want to watch Family Guy will click on Family Guy you got every season and every episode that’s pretty sick now say you want to watch one of your old shows from back in the days that’s not on TV anymore let’s go to search one of my favorite shows let’s see if I can find it.

Fire Stick 4K Specs

Fire Stick 4K Specs – Let’s go why let’s do dr. Katz dr. Katz check this out 1995 we got every season and every episode let’s click on season 4 all the episodes of dr. Katz this is a girl alright so you’ve seen it for yourself 75 bucks for all of this unlimited entertainment this is a major major major go hit me up in the comments let me know chop thing about this one shout out to everybody rocking with me on Facebook Foursquare Twitter Google+ shout out to all the Google gangsters I see I’m holding down that Facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up on boxer and a special shout-out to everybody rockin with me on Instagram y’all know that’s why I’m at full time on a percent full throttle and a special shout out to anybody rockin with the news stream on Sundays yall already know extreme gangsters on deck get your drinks ready no meat boys and lap.

Special shout out to everybody follow with me on youtube channel Firestick Tv underscore Carter that’s why I’m app and a special shout-out to the notification squad I’ll see y’all in the comment section early hashtag salute oh yeah one more thing I almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all y’all haters all y’all trolls close your eyes a picture below your boy read on mouth Spock one to beam up yo what’s up everybody shipborne floss back again with another article Fire Stick 4K and Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote today we’re gonna take a look at the aftershocks Trek here that is a wireless phone conducting headphones.

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