How To Use Your Phone As A FireStick Remote Control With Alexa

How to Use Your Phone As a Firestick Remote Control With Alexa – firestick remote back again with another article in this tutorials I’m going to go to the Google Play Store and show you an application that will interact with your fire stick. let’s get into it alright here we go this is my phone here’s the application that we’re looking for try to focus that a little better there we go

so we’re gonna install it so is installing fire TV remote paths a lot of people don’t know about this you can actually use this as an alternative to your actual remote that comes with your fire TV so MIT up one key thing is you have to have your phone on the network that you’re on with the fire stick so you have that’s very important it has to be on the same network so I think I have a few fire sticks in the house so kind of see which one that’s on the network right now yep there it is that’s the one so you put that code in and you’re off and running so lots of Zorro just follow what the screen says you’re okay.

Firestick Remote Control With Alexa

How to Use Your Phone As A Firestick Remote Control With Alexa

so you just pull this down and you release it when you finish talking start so the start is who’s the President of the United States the US president is Barack Obama Wow pretty cool huh I know he’s not the president no more but let’s try it anyway show you this again it’s hard to hold this with one hand big phone who’s the President of Haiti Michelle Rotella what’s the weather outside today you can expect one of the same today with a high of 92 degrees in the load 81 degrees isn’t that nice who won NBA Finals 2016 NBA Finals defeating the Golden State Warriors four games to three and you can pretty much axe this thing anything and it will give you an answer for it who plays the day in Major League Baseball sorry I can’t find the answer to the questionnaire

okay let’s try a different question major league baseball so when this comes up you just touch the screen like this and I’ll give you options pertaining to that but we don’t want that so let’s back it up see this takes you home bleed us like a menu you have a keyboard there already connected already I just like to ask questions for instance here we go here’s another question load Netflix Netflix and of course this Netflix won’t work because I don’t have my passcode loaded into it but once you put your password in it will work flawlessly pretty much ask this thing to

do anything just back it up trying to think of something that I can ask what is the sum of one plus twenty well you see that start cheating on your math now what is 15 divided by three amazing and you can do this once you download that app that I showed you let’s start something else start Pluto TV as you can see this is an amazing option here so get in that play store download it for your phone and you’ll love this out one last thing what’s the traffic like today to hear your traffic information go to your link to app instead of your commute Wow hit it follow directions and you’ll be okay what’s the weather again in Miami Florida today it’s not you 2 degrees with cloudy skies today’s webcast is intermittent clouds with a high of 92 degrees in the low of 82 degrees absolutely amazing and again here’s that application right there and in a play store we’ll go to show you how that looks there it is

so download it today that’s all for this tutorial please like and share thanks again fire stick remote out you.

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