Firestick Remote Not Working – 7 Fixes that Work [2020]

How to Fix Firestick Remote Not Working: Should your Firestick remote isn’t working or pairing, you are well on the best page.

Recognized, I had been watching among the most popular movies in my FireStick device. I became almost halfway from the movie after I chosen to require a quick break and select a beverage with the refrigerator. I held out your Fire Stick remote on the TV to pause the movie, but nothing happens. I pressed the buttons repeatedly though the device wouldn’t respond and also movie would likely continue playing. I pulled out the plug with the power supply with the hope that rebooting could possibly do just fine.

FireStick rebooted normally, however the remote didn’t work. I had to spend some more minutes to appreciate there was a problem using the Fire Stick remote. When you have run into comparable problems with your Amazon Fire Stick remote is not working, you would like to have it fixed. So, this is a consider the various causes and also their alternatives I have found. Continue reading!

FireStick Remote Not Working

We have outlined common reasons that induce problems with FireStick / Fire TV / Fire TV Cube remote. Proceed through them one by one at this point sure your remote can be working again. Firestick Remote Not Working

1. Check the Fire Stick Remote Batteries

Amazon Fire Stick Remote is a power-hungry accessory. After you have used FireStick for some time and getting run across battery draining problems not only several times, I will safely say that when the remote isn’t working, you will find a huge chance the batteries have uses up charge.

The battery reduces without the warning. Should your Fire Stick remote stopped working suddenly (annoyingly in the center of the evening once you don’t get any spare batteries), Let me put my bet to the battery.

Honestly, I’m not really yet sure why the remote consumes a lot battery power. At times, the battery runs dry within a two weeks. The Fire Stick remote uses Alexa, the voice recognition, and voice command technology. Some might choose to pin the blame for Alexa. But, it’s unlike how the remote is definitely listening. You have to hold down the Alexa button to the remote for this to begin listening.

However the reason why, the one likely solution is to use high quality, alkaline batteries and make the spares handy. Alkaline batteries work best by far and they also keep the Fire Stick remote working the longest. Though, don’t buy just any alkaline. Purchase the top quality from the respected manufacturer.

Yesterday, I would have recommended the rechargeable alkaline battery only when I hadn’t encountered an issue with mine. Among the remote batteries released and then a white residue deposited to the connector. Perhaps the brand-new battery would not work until I scraped off the light material.

So, forgive me should I be not very sure concerning the rechargeable batteries. This too brings me to the issue which it will be a great idea to remove the batteries and appearance to get a residual deposits with the battery leaks to the connectors. Cleaning them could possibly get the Fire Stick remote working again.

And, you can find something else I almost forgot to inform. You may know how the batteries have the ‘+’ (plus) and ‘-‘ (minus) ends. The connectors within the battery compartment will have the + and – sides. The + side with the battery must be aligned using the + on the connector (and also minuses will automatically get aligned). I have put the batteries the wrong method and located myself experiencing the remote for some time.

When your Amazon Fire Stick remote still not working even with washing the battery connectors and using brand new batteries, continue reading to get more solutions!

2. Have You Pair the FireStick Remote Already?

Usually, the from the box FireStick remote comes pre-paired with all the device. In the event it is not paired, you’ll have to apply it automatically. Or, when your new/replacement FireStick remote is not working, you will find a chance it isn’t paired correctly.

Pairing is easy. Keep to the steps below.

  1. Plug in FireStick into HDMI port to your TV.
  2. Power on both FireStick with your TV.
  3. When FireStick boots up, hold down the ‘Home’ button in the remote not less than Ten seconds.
  4. This will pair the Amazon FireStick remote and yes it gets started working.

When it doesn’t pair, press and hold the home button again for 10-20 seconds. Oftentimes, users needed to do this again many times for any successful pairing. firestick remote not working new batteriesFireStick may be attached to around 7 Bluetooth devices like the remote controllers. For those who have already connected 7 devices, you will have to disconnect a minumum of one of these. This is how it can be done:

  • Select Settings from your FireStick home screen. Settings choice is on top menu bar
  • Open Controllers & Bluetooth Devices to your next screen
  • You will find this list of all connected devices. Just select the device you want to unpair and keep to the onscreen instructions.

Please also remember when the remote doesn’t pair on your FireStick device within the first try, repeat the process. Normally, it connects the very first time, however in rare cases, it might take 2-3 attempts. When the issue still persists, you have to try the following solution #3 for resetting and repairing the remote. It’s got worked for several users.

3. FireStick Buttons Not Working

The buttons you should not work once the remote hasn’t effectively paired with your FireStick device. Hold down the Home button to the remote not less than Ten seconds to pair it again.

When it still takes care of not work, keep to the steps to reset your remote and re-pair it with FireStick:

Note: The next steps DO NOT reset your FireStick to factory settings. They only reset and unpair your remote and pair it again with FireStick

1. Disconnect your FireStick with the power source (either unplug the adapter from your power outlet or with the FireStick device)

2. Now hold down the right after buttons (they all together) for around 20 seconds:
– Back button
– Menu button
– Left a part of the navigation ring firestick remote issues

3. Remove the batteries with the FireStick remote

4. Turn on your FireStick and hold back until the thing is your home screen on the TV

5. Place the batteries back to your FireStick remote

6. Wait around for 1-2 minutes

7. Your FireStick remote should have already paired. If this hasn’t paired, hold down the Home button for at least Ten seconds

4. Is The Fire Stick Remote Compatible?

That question isn’t this sort of experiencing problems with their from the box remote. After all the remotes purchased separately. You will find a decent selection of in-house in addition to third-party remotes which work with FireStick & Fire TV devices.

FireStick will also support Amazon and third-party game controllers you can use as remotes to activate using the device. Any Amazon official product which obviously states its compatibility with FireStick works on your device. But, if you’re planning on buying a third-party remote or game controller, be sure you assess it really is made to work with the Fire TV or FireStick device.

You can also find some cheap replicas on the remote with similar layout and design. These items simply pass off as original but eventually will not perform. Before you purchase Amazon Fire Stick remote, verify the authenticity on the seller.

5. Is The FireStick Remote Damaged?

If you possess the first item, you’ve got also make the brand new batteries, and still have tried other solutions, probably this can be time for it to look at the possibility how the remote is damaged.

If that’s the fact, your best option is to purchase a replacement remote. The good thing is that this replacement remotes don’t be expensive. You can purchase them for about $10. Go and appear it to Amazon. You will find tons of options. You may even look for a customized remote with more, dedicated buttons for Netflix or other apps. Some remotes will have volume control.

Keep in mind that custom remotes will not be necessarily from Amazon. Purchase the item having a high rating (a minimum of 4) and reviews that are positive.

6. Amazon Fire TV Remote App – Your Backup

Amazon Fire TV remote not working yet? Or, you simply ran from batteries at nighttime and you will find no spare batteries.

This doesn’t must render your FireStick device ineffective. You may still control this device with the Amazon Fire TV Remote App. firestick remote not working newThis app changes your smart phone into a remote and enables you to connect to FireStick just like you will apply the physical remote.

Amazon Fire TV Remote app is offered both for Android and iOS platforms. Just download the app and set up on your FireStick or Fire TV device. Just be sure that the smart phone and FireStick device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

7. Other Generic Solutions

There’s some other reasons that may cause remote problems. These are typically unlikely, however it will be remiss of me not to mention them.

  • The distance on the Amazon Fire Stick remote with the device is an issue to think about. The remote will work after it is inside 10 ft on the device. When you have a sizable room or hall, bring the remote nearer to the TV, from the array.
  • The FireStick remote connects on the device via Bluetooth and never infrared rays. Which means that the remote and FireStick don’t have to take the line of sight of one another. But, keeping the device within a cabinet and in an enclosure might obstruct the signals. It can be a great idea to take it outside to determine if that’s the content resulting in the problem
  • Try to not have a lots of electrical devices near FireStick as it can cause interference from the signal.

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The Fire Stick remote problems We have experienced to date will always be relevant to the batteries. The remote drain the battery quicker than I love. Therefore, I usually keep spares. We have also installed the Amazon Fire TV Remote app on my phone for a backup. In this post, We have attempted to cover the possible causes that may allow you to get into remote issues and all sorts of possible solutions. When you have any new or different experiences, I might just like you share it with us from the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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