How to Reset Firestick Remote – Erase your Amazon Firestick to Factory Defaults

How to Reset Firestick Remote – When you reset your Fire TV Stick to fix a problem, a possible new problem might shoot up – the Voice Remote doesn’t work now. Which means you may not type the Wi-Fi details rendering your Fire TV Stick useless. I will feel your pain.

Remotes help with navigating streaming devices like Fire TV Stick. However, trouble starts brewing after they stop working. Firestick Remote ResetDoes this mean you’ll never be able to use your loved one Fire TV Stick again? Nope. That’s not very true. You just need to fix the problem and pair your Voice Remote correctly in your Fire TV Stick.

How to Reset Firestick Remote

Listed below are 9 techniques that allow you to pair your remote properly in your Fire TV Stick from a factory reset.

Note: These solutions work with the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K.

1. Restart Fire TV Stick

I understand, I’m sure. You will have just reset your Fire TV Stick, and already I’m asking you to restart it. Well, that’s how funny the world is! Restart is sort of a sip of the magic potion. fire stick remote reset

When you get to the remote pairing screen and it’s not pairing, unplug the power source of your Fire TV Stick to restart it. Then replug it and check pairing the remote while using home button.

Note: Will not unplug your Fire TV Stick while it’s resetting.

2. Remove Battery from Remote

As unlikely since this sounds, but sometimes the batteries of remote gets misaligned. Take out the batteries and make them out for 10-20 seconds. Then place the batteries way back in properly and pair it with all the Fire TV Stick. amazon fire tv stick remote not working

3. Change Battery

Among the common causes of Fire TV Stick remote not pairing before or after factory reset is really a dead or dying battery. I recommended you insert a new pair of batteries into your remote.

4. Clean Battery Compartment

Often times, corrosion or dirt within the battery compartment prevents it activating the remote correctly. You have to remove the batteries and clean the 2 metal connectors having a tissue or clean cloth. And then, insert the batteries and restart the Fire TV Stick by unplugging it. Then try pairing it in your remote. reset firestick remote control

5. Pair Properly Using Home Button

Get near to your TV and press your home button in your Fire TV Stick remote for 20-40 seconds (or before you view the confirmation message) when asked to pair the remote. If both pair successfully, a confirmation message can look from the bottom-right corner with the screen.

You may have to repeat the process when the pairing isn’t done the very first time. Test it a few times before you get it right.

Note: If pairing doesn’t work, try pressing your home button for One minute.

6. Pair Using Other Buttons

As the official method to pair a remote is using your home button, some users on different forums have suggested that pressing the play/pause button or even a combination of select (middle round button) and Home button for 40-60 seconds to the pairing screen have been effective to them. firestick remote unresponsive

7. Check for Locked Buttons

As stupid as it might sound, sometimes the buttons are stuck and therefore, forget to respond. Check if either on the buttons isn’t recessed after which try pairing it.

8. Move Away from Other Fire TV Sticks

If you are pairing the remote, make sure there isn’t any other Fire TV Stick switched on close to you. If that’s the fact, it may be interfering with the pairing process. Turn it off, reboot your Fire TV Stick, and then try pairing it with all the remote while using home button.

9. Reset Remote

Unplug your Fire TV Stick. With Fire TV Stick off, click the menu (three bar) button, back button, and also left key on the navigation ring all at one time in your remote for Around 10 secs. Release the buttons and switch to the Fire TV Stick. After that time the pairing screen, pair the remote by holding your home button for 20-40 seconds. how to reset amazon fire stick remote

Final Option: Try Another Remote

If nothing works, there can be a problem in your remote. The remotes the same generation of Fire TV Stick work with all Fire TV Stick. And we suggests borrowing a friend’s Fire TV Stick remote to check and pair with the Stick. If their remote is paired easily, your remote will be the culprit. Either purchase a brand new one or have it repaired. Alternatively it is possible to download the Amazon Fire TV app and use it like a remote with the Fire TV Stock.

Get Amazon Fire TV App for Android

Get Amazon Fire TV App for iOS

Get Connected

Sometimes a fix isn’t limited by just one solution. You have to get a number of them together. With my case, after trying a few options, I believed out that your problem was with all the batteries. I replaced these with a new pair and next after I was looking to pair it, I held your home button just for 10 seconds or fewer. Holding it for additional time paired the remote successfully.

Hopefully among the above fix or a combination of them resolves the pairing issue on Fire TV Stick remote.

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