How to Reset Firestick Remote – Erase your Amazon Firestick to Factory Defaults

How to Reset Firestick Remote, Erase your Amazon Firestick to Factory Defaults – After you reset your Fire Stick to fix the problem, you might find a potential new problem – the Voice Remote won’t work. This means that you cannot enter Wi-Fi details, making the Fire Stick TV unusable. I can feel your pain.

Remote control helps navigate streaming devices such as the Fire TV Stick. But problems began to arise when they stopped working. Firestick Remote ResetDoes that mean you will never be able to use your favorite Fire TV stick? Not. That’s not the problem. All you have to do is fix it and pair your Remote Sound correctly with your Fire TV Stick.

Firestick Remote Won’t Pair After Factory Reset

Here are 9 ways to properly pair the remote with your Fire TV Stick after a factory reset.

1. Restart the Fire TV Stick

I know, I know. You just reset your Fire TV Stick, and now I’m asking you to turn it on again. Well, this world is very funny! Restart like a mouthful of concoction. fire stick remote resetIf you are on the Remote Pairing Screen and not paired screen, release the power of your Fire TV Stick to reboot it. Then reinstall and try to pair the remote with the Home button.

2. Remove the battery from the remote control

It sounds impossible, sometimes the remote control battery is out of tune. Remove the battery and hold it for 10 to 20 seconds. Then reinsert the battery correctly and connect it to Fire TV Stick.

3. Replace the battery

One of the most common reasons that a remote Fire TV Stick cannot connect before or after a factory reset is if the battery dies or turns off. I recommend placing a new battery on the remote control.

4. Clean the battery compartment

Often, corrosion or dirt in the battery compartment prevents the remote control from activating properly. You must remove the battery and clean the two metal terminals with a clean cloth or cloth. Then insert the battery and restart Fire TV Stick by removing the power plug. Then try pairing it with your remote.

5. Proper Pairing with the Home Button

Get closer to your TV and press the Home button on your Fire TV Stick remotely for 20 to 40 seconds (or until you see a confirmation message) when you are asked to pair the remote. If both partners are successful, a confirmation message will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.

You may need to repeat this process if the installation is not done for the first time. Try it several times until you do it right.

6. Pair with other buttons

While the official way to pair the remote control is the home button, some users have suggested in various forums, the select play / pause or combination button (middle rotation button) and the home button for 40-60 seconds on installation Pressing the screen has done the trick for them.

7. Look for the locked button

It sounds stupid, sometimes the button is stuck and therefore doesn’t react. So check that one of the buttons is not hidden, then try pairing it.

8. Go from the other TV Fire stick

When pairing the remote, make sure there is no Fire TV Stick near you that is turned on. If so, this can interfere with the installation process. Turn it off, restart your Fire TV Stick, and try pairing it with the remote using the Home button.

9. Reset the remote control

Disconnect your Fire TV Stick. When you turn off the Fire TV Stick, press the menu button (three blades), the back button, and the left navigation button on your remote control for 10 seconds each time. Release the button and turn on the Fire TV Stick. Then attach the remote control to the installation screen by holding the Home button for 20-40 seconds.

Last Resort: Try Another Remote

If nothing works, there might be a problem with your remote. Control remotely from the same generation of Fire TV sticks working with each Fire TV stick. We recommend borrowing a Fire TV Stick from a friend to test it with your stick. If your remote is easily paired, your remote control is the culprit. Either buy a new one or fix it. Or, you can download the Amazon Fire TV application and use it as a remote control with your Fire TV stick.

Get Amazon Fire TV App Android

Get Amazon Fire TV App iOS

Get Connected

Sometimes improvements are not limited to a single solution. You should try several together. In my case, after several options, I learned that the problem was with the battery. I replaced it with a new pair, and when I tried to pair it, I pressed the start button for only 10 seconds or less. If you continue to press the remote control for a longer time, the remote control is successfully paired.

We hope that one of the above improvements or a combination of them resolves the mating problem on the remote Fire TV Stick.

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