How to Fix Firestick Remote Stopped Working

Firestick Remote Stopped Working – everyone this is gonna be a article on how to make your fire stick remote yep here. How to make the firestick there she is always wanting to be in my article how to Fix Firestick Remote Stopped Working. is if it used to work and it doesn’t work. I have been having this problem for like about a week or two I will disconnect the batteries put the batteries back in and sometimes it shows in the bottom right of the screen that the remote has been connected other times like right now I get absolutely nothing but my screen saver so I’m not gonna show you my TV because then I just don’t want to have the TV on the article just don’t have to have problems with the website people.

How to Fix Firestick Remote Stopped Working

so you have a few options to make this work the first option is to unplug the fire stick from the wall power it down for about 30 seconds for a minute you know just like when you call the internet company no no no no don’t do that don’t do that okay good girl when you call the internet company and they say reboot your router well this is kind of like the same thing you want to unplug the power AC adapter stop that you want to unplug the power AC adapter from the fire stick from the wall and see if that helps don’t do that if it doesn’t help the next step is unplug it from your TV that’s probably not gonna do anything but you can try that if you want next step is pull out the batteries which was working for me for a while make sure your batteries are charged up make sure big a big important thing because these things are just leaking acid all over the place which I’ve noticed they’re not supposed to but they are terrible.

Firestick Remote Stopped Working

so make sure that your contacts inside there are clean make sure the contacts down here are clean the Myatt weren’t because the batteries leaked all over the place and and then after you put the batteries back in wait about 30 seconds for a minute see if you get a message down at the bottom right hand of your TV set same remote control connected which has not happened with me and then I’m going to put the cover back on and then the last thing that you can do is try to pair the remote to the fire TV unit on the back the fire stick and the way you do that is you’re going to press this home button down for 10 seconds maybe a little bit longer and that should activate the pairing between the remote and your fire stick

if that doesn’t work the last option is well the next option is go out and buy a new remote go out and buy a new fire TV and a fire stick with the remote or the last option is go on Apple or Google and download the fire stick app which will allow you to use your cell phone exactly like you would a remote plus instead of using this thing to type in messages on the screen you should be able to use your cell phone to type in whatever you need to so I plugged on it plugged in the the batteries put the batteries and nothing’s working so and you’re just gonna have to take my word for that because that’s honesty on website and that’s what life is all about right

so if you like my article about Firestick Remote Stopped Working thumbs share or like if you have a product you want me to review if I can get a hold of it I will do a review for you and what else is there if this has helped you add a lot and it saved your life Wow a screen just one blank on my TV if this has helped you out a lot ask for my paypal in felony you can donate to my channel okay so I have absolutely no scoring – nothing on my screen right now I just press the volume that’s kind of weird the screen that’s totally one dad so what I’m going to do now is I’m going to press this button for about 10 seconds 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I might have to turn the TV off I don’t even know if it’s communicating anymore the screen is just blank I’ll be back there we go let me turn the volume down on the TV remote

so I had to shut off the TV I still when I turn the key the on I get the home screen for fire stick but I held that button down I don’t think it’s gonna work nothing’s gonna work no nothing’s working so I’m gonna do this one more time uno dos e tres cuatro Cinco seis siete Ocho Nueve Diez see I learned that when I was in like sixth grade that’s the extent of my Spanish okay I’ve been holding this thing down for about 20 seconds now maybe a minute 30 seconds 40 I don’t know I’ve held it down for a long time I’m gonna let go of that and see if it pairs up and if it doesn’t pair up then I’m gonna have to either download that app so that I can watch TV tonight or I’ll go try another set of batteries again and see if that helps which I don’t think it’s going to do one of the neat things is that if you download the app you can get into the settings menu and see if your remote is Bluetooth into the fire stick and obviously it isn’t on mine because I don’t have anything on my screen you just have to take my word for it so I’m gonna press this button down one last time one two buckle my shoe three and I don’t want to see the rest of that da-da-da-da-da-da-da okay

so this is not working but it should work for most situations you just need to pair the remote up some of these things do go out after a while and electronic sometimes fails and in this case I have no TV that I can watch tonight no TV is not good especially that I’m paying all this money for it so nothing pairing yet and that’s gonna conclude my article again remember what I said you want to power down unplug your AC adapter you can unplug it from the wall or you can unplug it from the fire stick disconnect it from the TV if you want to if that doesn’t help turn the thing over slide it off put new batteries in it make sure there’s no corrosion and that was the problem with mine there was corrosion

so I’m gonna go back in again and look and see if there is corrosion on there because there might be and it’s just not making a good connection it’s not corrosion putting new batteries if that doesn’t work press the home button for 10 15 seconds 20 seconds 17 seconds see if on the bottom right hand of your screen you get a thing saying remote connected which I have absolutely nothing right now except my home screen and if you don’t get that either order a new remote I know that the stick is working because I’ve got the springs I know it’s the remote but the top key if you want order the remote of the whole thing that’s probably not that much difference in price or go online download the app the fire stick on Google or Apple and then you should be able to change your channels until you figure out what you’re gonna do

if I get this thing working again I’ll come back on and finish off the article don’t forget some subs subscribe like thanks a lot for Read Firestick Remote Stopped Working yikes I’m not sure what it is about that brand batteries I had a an exercise bike I would put those batteries in in like a month later they’d be leaking all over the place I just clean this up two days ago put new batteries in batteries aren’t leaking but look at all the dirt on there look at all the corrosion that’s acid corrosion I’ve got it on the bottom of the battery I’ve got it on the contacts how does it look over there those look good most definitely look good over here that can be what the problem is that is dirty enough where it is stopping that’s a layer of corrosion which is definitely stopping the connection or could be stopping the connection

so I’m going to clean that up I’ll pop the batteries back in again then I will let you know what’s happening a lot of people when they give suggestions they don’t realize that batteries leak corrosion is one of the biggest problems with remotes and all that white stuff over there that’s battery acid you don’t want to put that on your hands it’s not too harmful you don’t want to put her in your hands you don’t want to blow it out and get it into your nostrils wipe it up use a little piece of sandpaper steel wool clean it up get the dust out of there put it in the toilet or something in the trash keep it away from your pets and kids and your body normally when you’re doing this stuff you can use baking soda but you really don’t want to put water and baking soda into a remote and let it drip inside there so just try to clean it up I’ll be back I’ll let you know if this works here we go let’s get that focused you should be able to see it’s kind of scratched up over there where I cleaned off the corrosion and the battery acid I don’t know if this is gonna work they did the same thing on the batteries

okay let’s put that in let’s put this in and I don’t know if I screwed up the pairing oh my god all right there we go I know you just have to take my word for it but you should be able to tell by my shock the shock of my voice yeah the remotes working

okay so my guess is this probably had absolutely nothing to do with pairing no no no no come on no there’s the dog hi there hi there little lady hi there all right she’s all excited because she knows my remotes working this probably had nothing to do with the Bluetooth or powering it down it just had to do with corrosion and as I said I clean these to clean this thing out yup two days ago because I thought that might be the problem but and I put a new batteries and now I’ve got massive amounts of corrosion so I don’t know if it’s the batteries because as I said I’ve run into that way too many times now with this brand of battery but I put the back on and check this out one more time what I’m gonna do so myself the TV set

okay the dogs sitting here watching me she’s saying what’s going on buddy how’s my girl how’s my girl yeah I know that’s my baby oh you feel beautiful looky you alright so what we’re gonna do I’ll take you in a minute turn on the TV again which I know works and I will tell you this was probably one of the best things you can do any time you have a remote problem I’ve run into this problem with air conditioning remotes and TV remotes and just all remotes they get corrosion by the time the thing stops working most batteries have already leaked acid all over the place and you just have to clean up the corrosion so I’m gonna try this one last time I think I’ve saved myself having to go out and buy a new remote and I might do the same thing for you and if that’s true if I saved you $40 then please donate a few thousand dollars to my paid account it works yay ha ha I’ll be watching TV tonight people ok thanks for read Firestick Remote Stopped Working.

I hope this helped somebody out there it just helped me off to watch destructive unhappy miserable news about that crazy guy that’s in the White House.

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