How Does a Firestick Work Effective in 2 Minutes?

How Does Firestick Work – Hi this is Firestick Remote with tutorials Does a Firestick Work and this is an amazon Firestick, what I just told you about How does Firestick Work 100%. A set up first look video it’s a small device that’s not unlike the Google chromecast that you just plug right into your TV. It lets you stream internet video from some of these many sites you see here in, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and so forth. It sells for $39 the launch day promotion for about $19 and as I mentioned it just arrived out of the box it should be connected to my Amazon account, because they want to make it as easy as possible for me to use and if you buy it as a gift for somebody you can go online and sort of change that.

So that somebody else doesn’t wind up viewing videos or watching content how does Firestick Work from your account. So inside the box we have a small remote control and an even smaller device this is the fire TV stick. Now Amazon does sell a bigger version that sells for $99 called the Amazon fire TV it’s more like something like the Google Nexus player has a faster processor more memory and a higher price tag and a more powerful remote control with voice control functions little user manual USB adapter power adapter an HDMI extender so if you can’t plug it straight into your TV you can use this to use a sort of extension and batteries for remote control. Let’s go ahead and set this up now, like I said there’s no voice control support on this remote, there is an application that you can download and install on an Android or a bonfire phone. If you want to use voice controls or for $30 you can buy essentially the same remote control that comes with the fire TV the full fire TV now.


How Does Firestick Work Effective in 2 Minutes?

If you have a TV that has a USB port, you could theoretically plug this right in there and use it for power. It’s not necessarily something that’s recommended though if you want a reliable power source. So I’m gonna go ahead and unplug this unwrap this adapter and use it instead partly because this is a first look How does firestick work and I want to make sure that everything goes okay. I’m not quite sure if this is gonna be long enough, let’s see HDMI back my TV tomorrow the back you can see we’ve got need to get my port. Here we’re gonna plug you in and power cable which it is just barely long enough here, I’d do this one-handed there we go okay. Let’s go ahead and turn on the TV and see what happens, we’ve got the boot splash screen here.

Now again the processor and this is a dual-core CPU that’s not quite as fast as what’s in the official fire TVs. So this whole process Micah little bit faster on the other box I personally haven’t actually spent any time with the $99 version. This is my first time using the fire TV okay, so it’s found the remote control tells us to press to start. Now we’re going to connect to the internet it looks like it’s found my 2.4 gigahertz band up and there’s the 5 gigahertz. I’m going to cover this up for a second while I enter my password connected to the network check them for updates and what this is will work well is looking for updates but as I mentioned there is a mobile app that you can run on your phone here, that should automatically search for a connected device.

As basically just checking to see if there’s another if there’s a fire TV device that’s on the network it looks like we’re downloading and updates. So this might take a moment, so I think I’ll probably pause the article how does firestick work and we’ll be back alright the software update is finished downloading it says it’s rebooting. It should install please do not unplug your device during the update. So I have to say having used a Google chromecast which downloads updates automatically in the background. It sort of waits until the next time you boot to to install them this process is definitely a little bit slower but the the difference the main difference I think between a chromecast and a fire TV stick is this guy this remote control there’s an entire user interface.

You don’t need to use your phone, you don’t need to use your tablet. You should be able to navigate through your applications using just this remote. Now you can use a mobile application on your phone, if you want to but for some people this might be a simpler way to navigate. Now the Google chromecast is simple in the sense that it it doesn’t require you to learn how to navigate using a remote. It just lets you use the same apps that you use on your phone or tablet, so you fire up the YouTube app, the Netflix app, or whatever. You just play a video the way you normally would, then hit the cast button to send it to your TV ok.

Now it looks like we have the first real boot here, firetv stick still installing and looks like we need to connect together. So we’ll pause connecting to the Internet connection to sessile successful checking for updates again. Hopefully this time it’ll actually boot to the user interface, okay so it does have my account name in there and we could change our accounts but we’re not going to do that. So we’re gonna continue hello and welcome to your new amazon firetv stick we want to make sure you get the most out of your new streaming media player. We’re going to take a quick tour together that will teach you how to get the most out of your fire TV stick. Before we get started just a quick reminder on seven for Best Performance, please use the power adapter that was included fire TV stick lets you stream a huge amount of entertainment the included remote.

Lets you access it all it’s really pretty cool, let’s get started navigating is easy. The home button takes you to your fire TV sticks home screen and anytime press here to navigate up or down left or right and press the center button to select and press the back button to return to the previous screen. Which fire TV stick you can watch hundreds of thousands of movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and more. Access exclusive titles and play games fire TV stick even makes recommendations for other movies and TV shows that you might enjoy. You can add any movie or TV show you want to watch later to your watch list and access it on the home screen just click right here

if you’re an Amazon Prime member in addition to the shipping benefits you get unlimited access to 40,000 movies and TV episodes and over a million songs all at no extra cost easily browse Prime content in various categories not a prime member no worries right after this video you’re going to get a chance to sign up for a free 30-day trial so you can try it for yourself with Amazon Cloud Drive you can store 5 gigabytes of your pictures and personal videos in the cloud for free then with your fire TV stick you can access those pictures and videos anytime you want on the big screen let’s talk about gaming with fire TV stick you can play some really fun games you can use the directional buttons on your remote or you can use the Amazon fire game controller sold separately but you can turn your phone into a remote control by downloading the free Fire TV remote app from Amazon App Store or Google Play and soon from the Apple App Store you can use the app to navigate perform keyboard text entry or do voice searches using your phone’s mind making it even easier to enjoy all the content your fire TV stick, has to offer just pull down on the microphone icon.

Say the name of a movie TV show actor or director alpha house, when you use the voice feature on the remote app or the optional fire TV voice remote we take your voice information and process it in the cloud to deliver better quicker search results and help improve your experience with fire TV stick. You can also enjoy second screen, second screen allows you to start a movie or TV show on your fire phone or compatible fire tablet with a tap flame content to your TV while you continue to do other things on your phone or tablet, like check email Twitter or Facebook ok.

We’ve just scratched the surface of what you can do if you want to read this article how does a firestick work again or need more help go to settings and click on the Help button. you’ll find what you’re looking for thank you and enjoy your new Amazon fire TV stick. Yeah the first first food takes a lot longer on this phenomenal chromecast but here we go. So we’ve got access to prime video movies TV watch lists video library. These are things that I’ve purchased in my account games. These are android games that i’ve installed on other devices, not TV devices actually apps music. So this should be my Amazon Prime library it, says it’s taking a moment to load photos that were uploaded to my cloud account and settings.

So overall it seems like it’s set up fairly well to deal with Article How does Firestick Work it’s pretty responsive. If I want to install third-party apps like Netflix I can do that here as well downloading and installing so that’s a first look at the Amazon fire TV stick. I hit the home button go back to the home screen and Prime video apps my app library and with no open Netflix which I probably am not logged into at the moment, so you can do third-party apps now. the boy search is only going to work with Amazon, but again the voice search requires the app or a separate remote control. So for basic functionality you can get by using just this device, I’ll login to that later. So I’ll have more details soon at little appearing calm and on this Website Firestick Jailbroken. I just wanted to give you a first quick look at the the first How does Firestick Work and setup process for the Amazon fire TV stick.

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