How to Use Firestick and Set Up Amazon Firestick

How to Use Firestick – there are plenty of Article out there of how to add Kodi the current version of 17.4 to your Amazon Fire Stick. and add some of the add-ons.  add-ons are things that you use to watch on Kodi and FireStick whatever. So this would be the opening screen of the Amazon fire stick, I’ve already downloaded Kodi and installed it, this is just a quick tutorial how to use Firestick to show you what you can do and what it’s about sort of okay so you can use the you’re your remote has a circle up down left and right so you’ll use that. So I’m going to I highlight it most recent was Kodi which I did you can also move okay these are your apps if you want to see all of them they are over here I entered that if he goes scroll down to the very actually you don’t even have to scroll that if you look at the lower right of the screen it says options and what that is if you press the options the same icon that’s on your remote and now you can select one of these and move it up to the top which I’ve already done and I moved Kodi all the way up to the very top okay so anyway run Kodi and skip that best video calibration okay I’ll show you that in a second actually I’ve walked show you that in a second first thing we’re going to do is when Cody loads up it’ll look like this.

What’s on the left something different might be highlighted on yours most likely the last thing that you did will be highlighting what you want to do as soon as you start the kodi program for the very first time go up to it settings icon at the top there hit enter and scroll down to the fourth down second down from the fourth of course where I am right now system settings right here press enter and what you need to do is to calibrate this so leave it in display which is on the left side scroll over to the right and then to the bottom where is video calibrate I need you need to calibrate to your your screen because all TVs are gonna be different when I initially install this this was way off and then what you do is use the up and down if you look at the upper left okay now the thing is no longer calibrated I moved it so far off the screen okay I’m going to come back down right to calibrate the corners once the corner to calibrate it perfectly so I get a little better okay okay there we go so I’m good now.


How to Use Firestick and Set Up Fire TV Stick

1. Plug the Micro USB cable into the power adapter.
2. Insert the other end into the Fire TV Stick.
3. Plug the Fire TV Stick into the HDMI port on your TV.
4. Press Home on your remote.
5. Press Play / Pause on your remote.
6. Choose Your Language.
7. Select your Wi-Fi network.
8. Enter your password and select Connect.
9. Select Register or Create Account.
10. Enter your Amazon login ID or you will create the ID.
11. Enter your password and select Enter. If you enable two-factor authentication on Amazon, you must get a confirmation code from your cellphone and type it.
12. Confirm that your account is signed in.
13. Select Yes or No to choose to enter or exit the network password storage that is connected to Amazon.
14. Choose or leave parental control.
15. Register for Prime or refuse.
16. Select Select Application to run through the Amazon application download on board, or click No, Thank you for passing the past.
17. Select the popular service you want, and right-click on the TV channel.
18. Select the TV channel application you want, and right-click for the sports application.
19. Select the sports application you want, and right-click on the featured application.
20. Select the superior service that you want, and click Play to continue.
21. Click Download Application.

You have set your Fire TV Stick!

Now you hit the return it’s the first there were only three buttons below that circle on the remote so it’s the one on the far left it’s a return icon so we’ll return I’m gonna hit return again then hit return again okay. now this will be the opening screen when you go in from the Amazon fire stick and most likely well in my case it started here but in your case it will start here once you’ve done everything that I just told it about these down here are your video add-ons okay and what they are is like I said these are used to look stuff up okay my favorite is Exodus okay and they actually start stopped updating it there was a disclaimer at the beginning when I installed it onto this fire stick that they’re not going to support it any longer but it still works fine I love it I think it’s one of the best ones just as an example you can go into movies which will bring into genres and then from there you can select well any one of these things here but if you go to Jean err as if you if you’re into thrillers you scroll down to thrillers and you’ll press ENTER on that uh to something else this is not a it’s a quick tip okay once you’re I’m gonna go back one more time okay I’m gonna go into genre. okay now if you noticed or realized thrillers is at the bottom of the list well everything within Cody Scrolls so rather than clicking down and going to the bottom since I was here all I’m gonna do is click up so I go up now it’s gonna hit the bottom of the screen of the list okay and there you go so it’s just a quicker now.

If I want to go back to the top I’ll just go down rather than up up up up double dots always means go back so you can either select that and click the ok button or you can just hit the return know the same thing I will now hit the Return button ok I’m back to this okay I’m gonna go start over hit the Return button again okay so we’re gonna start off with Exodus this is what you’ll see you’ll press okay let’s look at new movies okay no movies are lists of always that may still be in the theater or have not even been released okay or are in the theater and somebody use the camcorder okay usually you can tell if it’s a camcorder because it’ll show you on the list as an example I know that baby driver is not a camcorder and it works fine so I’m gonna still like that so baby driver which was very good movie I enjoyed it it was action and love story kind of a thing it’s showing you how many providers providing the the video for you and I have the I have this Firestick set to 30 seconds so it’s always gonna take 30 seconds I have another fire stick and I have that one set to 20 seconds adds 10 seconds more or less the the extra 20seconds will I mean the extra 10 seconds going from zero to 30 will just hopefully provide additional providers so we’ll just wait for this thing to finish now it’s going to show you a list of where you can where you can get these from of where you could get the movie from so again it might sometimes it’ll be slower sometimes it’ll be faster excuse me okay the rule of thumb here is there are many of them if you look at there’s a scroll bar in the far right okay so for this particular movie I should have just on the up arrow okay you see there are 80.

How to Use Firestick on Laptop

80 different places that you can get it from rule of thumb your best bet is only as the first one okay what I just did there I’m gonna hit the up arrow just to show you I’m at the bottom of the list if you look at the scroll bar on the right side I’m gonna press the down arrow which will bring this back up to the top rather than up up okay so I’m gonna select the first one and I just hit okay and now it’s going to start looking for the sources for that movie and you have to be patient okay and even if you see nothing happening for a while so be patient because it will start okay and here’s the movie now this one you can see is in terms of its it’s a pretty decent it’s actually I think it’s in like maybe 728 on your remote you can use your fast-forward which is one of the three bottom buttons and there press it now there press the right one time okay and if you look it’s at the bottom of the screen it will show that it’s 2 X and I’m gonna press it again and now it’s 4 X I’m gonna hit the plate I well that actually went into pause I’m gonna hit the anomaly pause I’m sorry okay so we’re into play if you want to if we want to do a fast-forward every 10 minutes rather than hitting the fast-forward using the 3 with it the circle use the right arrow of the circle press it once okay and look at the bottom and you’ll see okay one pressing ok 2 2 3 okay and eventually you don’t see it’s at 42 so each time I press it it’s adding 10 minutes I go back to the beginning now I’m gonna hit the The Return button okay which brought us back to here the movies still playing in the background if you ever by mistake do something like this and say oh no I hit the wrong button what am I gonna do now the movie is behind it okay no problem just hit the left on the circle okay.

How to Use Firestick TV

If you scroll down you’ll see maximized okay so you’ll maximize the screen and there you are you’re back again okay so for now I’m gonna hit the back button actually I’m going to hit this pause and then well you know what another thing if you hit the middle of the circle okay at this point while the movies playing you get this on the bottom well what is this okay well this is to get out of this you would just hit return return always takes me back to the prior screen we can now if you look at the bottom there’s a stop I just stopped the movie okay once you stop it you’re out okay there were other options there you can play around with them one of them is subtitles another one is you can offset the audio and video if they’re out of sync that rarely happens but you can have that option and it is there back to this screen oh gee baby driver wonder what’s in there okay hey again I’m using this guy press and hold the enter button and you get this now

How to Use Firestick Remote

You get the this list is great you can sign up for the watch learn exodus get an account and then it won’t show up next time on your list if you will sign up but I like this thing which is information and it’ll show you who’s in it okay I mean just using the scroll okay and who’s that it gives you the better plot over here you can play a trailer where’s the trailer I just hit oops sorry I hit the okay hit the Eric where’s where’s a trailer information oh right here I’m sorry you probably saw it before I did okay so here’s a trailer in case you weren’t sure hey do I really want to watch that movie back and yeah I think that it uses YouTube well this is the trailer all right I’m gonna I’m gonna hit the forward a little bit over here okay so now I’m gonna hit the back button I’m gonna hit the back button again I just want to get to the main screen of Exodus which is this as long as add-ons on the left side is select it you will get this and you can see it’s a little brighter than the other things nonetheless now you have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 you can have 15 videos actually showing that not videos sources different places to get a movie on here what you guys have a lot more because if you scroll up from this point going to my add-ons okay because he could only throw 15 they’re going to video add-ons and if you look here okay these are a lot more video add-ons and if I click on any of these but some of them give you a you know what it’s about you’ll play round over here.

How to Use Firestick Jailbroken

Adult great okay there’s an adult hideout I’m just gonna watch the video but I’m just gonna show you now okay real movie darkside I don’t know scary movies I’m guessing not sure not sure you already have that list not sure I just want to show you how something will you know okay head cool in I’m gonna pick this okay adult item I am going to hold and well actually I’m sorry I’m gonna press the enter button okay now I’m gonna have to open it in order to have it added to it’ll remove the last of the 15 and add this one in there okay so you know what and I’m not gonna do this one let me do it differently I’m sorry can’t do it I’m gonna I’m gonna pick a random one we rise from the ashes I don’t cast away no idea what this is okay Oh cypher TV okay so get cypher TV I’m gonna open it now this was not on part of the 15 okay new and latest episodes okay you I’m not gonna go into all this I’m gonna go oh you know what okay go back I’m gonna hit back again I’m gonna hit back again I’m gonna hit back again and now if you see cypher was the last thing and it knocked out the last guy there okay so that’s wherever now let me go back into excerpts the only reason is because you will be using Exodus more than anything else okay and now I did Exodus and I’m gonna go back and now it should be at the beginning okay great that said add-ons are very important because you can have also if you are into music okay there’s music add-ons here as well okay these may or may not be installed I don’t remember I’m gonna have to look he got one two three four five six seven hit the back hit the bank again I’m gonna hit the left arrow here go into music oh there’s you okay music okay and there’s nothing here so you’d have to play at least one of those for the thing to appear and I do that now just for fun.

So going into add-ons my add-ons I’m gonna go into the music add-ons and I’m just gonna randomly pick one okay open it and now at least that one will show okay and now you’ll have at least that one in the music anything else about adding additional see my add-ons is stuff that’s been added by you through one of the one of the videos that you’ve already watched on YouTube and you can add a lot more I’m not gonna put that here that’s already available but there are literally thousands of add-ons for video and audio I’m sure video music whole bunch of stuff but now if I go into music Oh still didn’t show it ah whatever you’ll figure it out but here the important thing is I’m here you’re gonna get lost because if you go into all of these guys video add-ons ok videos there are each one of these open up into something else ok and this is just the tip of the iceberg and like I said there are many many more add-ons so if you really have a lot of time to spend I’m talking about hours and hours go for it man so anyway that’s the end of the video for how to use Kodi.

How to Use Firestick Remote Instructions

okay I don’t want to power it off let’s see go back oh ok if I get back here it’ll power it off but rather than powering it off I’m gonna hit the home button cuz I’m done with Cody right now let me leave it on like this for you and I’m gonna hit the home button on the controller and that’ll take us back to Amazon fire stick and they’re even Amazon fire stick I mean this one is pretty good I the one I originally bought did not have the audio on it but this one does so you can press and say right here I’m gonna say Oh Marone five I trap Marone five music and if you’re an Amazon Prime this is what you’ll get which is really nice maybe I should say something different we’re gonna say play maroon 5 played maroon 5 and I feared that said shuffling songs by maroon 5 and great so that’s it I’m gonna hit the back arrow oh and if this is nice if you have your TV set up with surround sound or you know any any good audio system go back go back go back again and go back again and now I’m back on the main screen these other things you can play around with them again you’re gonna find this on Amazon I mean on YouTube so you know search whatever okay at home.

Home always takes it to this main screen which is nice there is how to use firestick here I thought that I put it up here where’s okay here’s YouTube which is great sign in with your account okay and if you sign in with your account anything that you do on your computer will automatically be part of your Z I’m not signing in yet but will be part of your history so if you look if you’ve seen something on your computer but or even on your phone if you have it all paired up properly your account I mean is on your phone for YouTube then you’ve seen something on your phone you want to watch it on the big screen come back here as long as you’re logged in it’ll be in your history it’ll be right there.

How to Use Firestick when traveling

You can start playing it now that’s the alternative to doing hair play of course if you have phone or you can I don’t know what droids version of her play is called but that’s possible Joe but you also have to go through history okay the thing I talked a lot and uh and just go back again I hit the home button brings it right back here okay and now oopsie sorry hit the home button again Oh confused home button. Now most recent is up there Article Kodi this is downloaded don’t worry about that that’s something that I used to update and install Kodi or anything else on your fire stick alright now that’s it I hope that you hope you this was helpful if yes give a thumbs up. If not give a thumbs down you can leave a comment I try to answer anything and if you want to subscribed my article How to Use Firestick. If you don’t hey whatever have a great day guys back.

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