How to Jailbreak NFL Sunday Ticket in 2020

Jailbreak NFL Sunday Ticket 2020 – The National Football League (NFL) Preseason has finally begun and the match will begin on From 07th April for the NFL 2020 season. The event began with 32 teams fighting for the NFL crown. The NFL Network is the official channel that broadcasts the NFL to Kodi with matches directly on your screen.

Jailbreak NFL Sunday Ticket

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How to Watch NFL in version 17 or newer Kodi Krypton

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to view the NFL in Kodi or Sports in Kodi. You can see the NFL with official add-ons that require a subscription or NFL with a third party add-on without subscription. We discuss third party subscribers and non-subscription officers.

How to Watch NFL Games in Kodi (Official Add-on)

1. NFL Game Pass on Kodi

  1. Open Kodi -> Open Add-ons -> Now scroll down and click on the Downloads tab. jailbreak nfl sunday ticket
  2. Now click Video Add-ons. nfl sunday ticket jailbreak
  3. Next is a list of available add-ons on your Kodi. -> Scroll down to find the NFL Game Pass add-on and click.> Click Install. firestick nfl sunday ticket jailbreak
  4. To view the add-on, return to the Kodi Main screen -> Click Add-ons -> Video Add-ons -> NFL Game Pass -> Enter Username and Password. jailbreak fire stick nfl sunday ticket
  5. You can subscribe to the NFL HERE. There is a one-time payment of $124.99, while you can pay in installments of $44.99 / installment. how to jailbreak nfl sunday ticket on roku

2. NFL.com on Kodi

  1. Open Kodi -> Click on the “Add-ons” tab on the vertical menu on the left. -> Click on the “Downloads” tab.
  2. Select the Video Add-ons option from the list.
  3. There is a list of add-ons arranged in alphabetical order -> Search and click NFL.com -> Click Install. jailbreak nfl sunday ticket 2020
  4. Return to the Main Screen Kodi -> To Add-ons -> Then Video Add-ons -> On the right side of the screen, you will see a list of add-ons. Scroll down and click on NFL.com. jailbreak nfl sunday ticket kodi
  5. NFL.com Add-ons Kodi does not display live NFL games, only highlights and analysis.

How to watch NFL games on Kodi without subscription (third party add-on)

1. Elektra Vault for NFL

Elektra Vault offers more than just NFL games or other sports you want to see. Offers films, TV shows and documentaries. Following is our guide for installing Elektra Vault in Kodi.

  1. If you have Elektra Vault installed, open the add-on -> Scroll down to click Live Sport Events. jailbreak nfl sunday ticket firestick
  2. Every time the show is displayed, it will be displayed in the same list as the image below. jailbreak nfl sunday ticket amazon

2. Sports World

Sports World is designed specifically for sports fans, where you can watch many channels of live NFL matches. Install the “Sports World” add-on from our guide.

  1. If you have the Kodi Sports World add-on installed, just open it. -> Now click Sports Channels. jailbreak nfl sunday ticket sport world
  2. The following is a list of channels currently displayed by Sports World: -> Click NFL Network or Sky Sports, because both channels show NFL scores. Enjoy the NFL in Kodi 2020.

How to watch the NFL Game in Kodi Jarvis version 16 or lower

1. NFL Game Pass

  1. Open Kodi Jarvis -> click System Menu -> and then select Add-on.
  2. Go to Install from the Repository -> Find and click Kodi Add-on Repository.
  3. Click Video Add-ons -> Scroll down and look for the NFL Game Pass -> Install.
  4. After installation you will be asked for an ID and password. Subscribe to the NFL website for a one-time payment of $124.99.

How to Watch NFL Games Highlights

  1. Open Kodi Jarvis -> Front Panel Selector -> Click Add-ons.
  2. Now select Install from the repository -> Scroll down and select Kodi Add-on Repository.
  3. Now go to Video Add-ons -> Search and click NFL.com -> Click Install.
  4. This add-on is completely free, but does not display live NFL games. However, you can see highlighting, pre-match and post-match analysis.

How to Watch NFL on Fire Stick

To see the NFL on the Kodi Fire Stick, we are considering the third-party Elektra add-on. Follow these steps to see the NFL in Kodi Fire Stick:

  1. Open your Fire Stick device -> Go to Settings -> Then System -> Now click Developer Options -> Enable ADB debugging and application from unknown sources.
  2. Now go to the Fire Stick homepage -> Click on the search option in the upper left corner and look for Kodi -> Open Kodi.
  3. Now follow the steps outlined in our manual to install Elektra Vault in Kodi.

Kodi NFL Sunday Tickets 2020

IPTV Subs is a world class Kodi addition that includes many PPVs and live broadcasts of popular sports events. Sunday NFL Jailbreak tickets are possible, but not recommended.

The NFL Sunday Ticket by Kodi / XBMC is the channel displayed in this add-on that shows live NFL games.

A great feature of this add-on is the many NFL Sunday Ticket channels that simultaneously display NFL matches. If 4 games are played simultaneously, it will divide the channel to display all these channels. The steps to install IPTV subs are below:

  1. Open Kodi Krypton -> Click the gear-shaped settings icon -> Select File Manager -> Double-click Add Source.
  2. Tap None and enter the URL http://gfservers.com/repo/ -> Click OK -> Type GF Server Name -> Click OK.
  3. Return to the main menu Kodi -> Open Add-ons -> Package Installer icon in the upper left corner -> Click Install from Zip -> GF-Server -> and then select repository.gfserver.zip.
  4. Now, go to Install from Repository -> Server-GF -> Video Add-ons -> IPTV Subs -> Install -> Subscribe HERE for IPTV subs with a $13/monthly subscription or $ 132 annual subscription.

How to Get Kodi NFL Game Pass Free

The NFL Game Pass add-on requires a subscription that you have to pay once to see all NFL games this season. There is no way to get a free Kodi NFL Game Pass, but you can claim service for a free 7-day trial. You can end the free trial at any time.

How to Watch Kodi NFL Replays

To see repetitions, highlights, and expert opinions from Kodi NFL, you can install the NFL.com Kodi Add-On, which is posted on this blog. This is the official Kodi add-on and can be found in the Kodi Add-On Repository. With this add-on, you get complete insight into their teams, players and strategies.


The Kodi add-on highlighted on this blog successfully streamed the NFL Network to Kodi 2020. The NFL is one of the four most popular sports in North America and has many followers. Learn how to watch the NFL on Kodi and Fire Stick on this blog. So have fun with the NFL with Kodi.

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