Kindle Fire Tablet – Install Button Doesn’t Work

Kindle Fire Tablet – Install Button Doesn’t Work: Have you been looking to sideload an APK file on your Kindle Fire tablet but pressing Install button doesn’t do anything? I will teach you how to fix this problem to help you install apps external to the Appstore on your tablet. You might have seen that should you press the Cancel button it does work however if you press the Install button nothing at all develops. Don’t worry, the answer is easy. Kindle Fire Tablet Install Button Not Working

How to Fix Install Button Problem in the Kindle Fire Tablet

The problem is a result of screen filtering apps similar to Twilight, Blue Light Filter, Night Filter, f.lux, HALO, etc. This screen filter overlay is blocking your Install button. To fix, you will have to get the screen filtering app and only:

  1. Pause your screen filtering application Pause Screen Filtering App
  2. And go to Settings ->Apps & Games -> Manage All Applications -> choose screen filtering app -> and hit Force Stop. Force Stop Screen Filtering App

Later on, it will be possible to click your install button.

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