How to Install Kodi on Chromecast Latest Version in 45 Sec.

How to Install Kodi on Chromecast 2020 – Okay you guys here is a very good unit you could purchase it doesn’t matter this to Google crack a store the chromecast first generation second generation or third generation. Then don’t you know a little thing here about the 4k generation it’s just a waste of money you guys because it’s not actually 4k and there’s not a device out there yet today can put out 4k quality TV, so it’s enhance. So I’m sorry to burst your bubble, so don’t waste your money on the most expensive kodi on chromecast or ever you want to call them out there. If you really want 4k get yourself an Xbox I’m not an Xbox fan but they really are 4k.


How to Install Kodi on Chromecast 2020

So that being said let’s get on to the second generation of the Google chromecast so I’m gonna do this some boxing with one hand I’m gonna get into the package we’re gonna open up and see what’s inside today I get the wrapper taken off this we’re going to take a little glance of the box and this is called a google chromecast and it supports Netflix Google Play YouTube Spotify curved TV and Google photos and on the back she’s a stream on you make a TV smarter simply plug into your HDMI port and connect to the Wi-Fi

start streaming and it is that easy guys like take your phone who needs Android boxes you want to go pay a hundred two hundred three hundred dollars for Android boxes your phone is an end rig box I mean and the thing is your phone is actually gonna be a lot better than an Android box there’s lots of apps out there you’re like you can download you go don’t download from the App Store go to the crow you’re googling you call it Google or Chrome whatever but search I don’t know HD movies and all the maps out there you can download all those apps and you can watch new movies just released from the theaters and they are in excellent quality they’re not recorded with a camera they’re actually 1080p seven videos you guys awesome so HTMI video streaming from the cloud which is pretty awesome you probably can’t read this my phone don’t seem to be focusing too good on this

so I’m just gonna read to you a 2.4 gigahertz or 5 gigahertz which is pretty good Wi-Fi supported for faster load times um start streaming with your voice using Google home which is pretty cool so you use your phone and just use your voice and it’s all voice activated plug into an HDMI port TV cable included you can plug it into the wall or the USB ready in the back of your TV and this is the most easiest device

so if you’re an elder out there and you’re not very computer literate or whatever you have a phone you get a smart phone and you’re pretty good with that Google will set you right up it’s just a few pushes of a button bang or streaming any movie you want to your TV with this device and there’s a lot of people there loves this so in the box you’ll see the kodi on chromecast and what it’s going to flip it open and on the inside of the box you’ll see the cords and I think this is a little instruction manual pretty simple that’s how easy it is you guys this is all you have for instruction round spinning that’s that easy to set up so getting started then you just plug in your TV switch TV input to the HDMI input that you want set up the configuration for chromecast

so you do is you go to your phone and you go to home Google home my gosh should we call it and you search for your chromecast when you plug it in your TV pick it up automatically you just put your Wi-Fi password in and bang you’re on it so simple so in the package you’ll get a power brick my TV has the USB hubs in the back so you will not need that with newer generation TVs usually got three on the back of them so this one will just be staying in the box so all you’re gonna need is just the the cable so I’m gonna put this back in here I’ll put that back in here because I don’t need that and then in here you have your chromecast we’re gonna take this out and have a quick glance of it.

if I can get this out with one hand the awesome put this back in the box cover on and here is your your kodi on chromecast so this should be magnet that’s pretty cool it’s a little magnet on the back so it’s it’s way nice and tidy like that and you just plug this ring in your HDMI and it should automatically pick up which Wi-Fi are using you power this little device with this cord that goes right into the bottom like so plug it in right now

so are you guys I don’t have my tripod I wasn’t gonna set up a tripod for this little video but you get the idea and there’s a lot of videos that they’re probably on this serine I’m probably wasting my time so you plug that in like that and you need to take this in and plug in the back your TV and then you plug this piece the HDMI right into your TV and it’ll automatically pick it up so let’s let’s do that so I’m going to set this up with you guys right now okay so we’re gonna walk over here and we’re going to plug this in it is right here so first things first we’re going to plug into the HDMI port what you’re sitting right here on the side get in there like

so and then we’re going to plug in the USB into the USB port which is right here I have one right there these are usually five amps or something like that four USB sticks it powers month so that’s plugged in and you’ll get a light that will come on I don’t know what should be a light or something like this I’ll wait my TV’s off so I think it’ll work until you turn TV on side by remote control and we’re going to turn TV on that’s all there is to you guys just plug your USB in there you just plug in the end of this and then we should see a cord come on here okay so I get it on the right HDMI port there’s the light right there you’ll see a light come on I’m gonna turn the light out on the camera there you go and you’ll see the light

so this will come on it’s activating this booting up and you’ll see your kodi on chromecast pop up on your screen I’m gonna show you how easy this is to set up so we’re gonna take our device that we’re going to use so it says set me up actually streaming a movie right now from this device to the other room for my baby so I don’t know I’m gonna try setting it up so we’re gonna go to go to Google I’ll show you the app so there’s the app right there says Google oh it looks like a house it says home it’s like on that so I’m gonna add another one see now on the bottom here you’ll see that that one says bedroom TV pause I can pause that I can run all the options and everything right in here I can click on right here and tell it what to do so right now we’re going to set up so we’re gonna add one and we’re going to say setup device okay and then set up a new device or add existing device services to your home

so new device setup new device in your Google home start menu or smart display so we’re going to click on this one right here choose a home you’ll be able to control the device and services in this home so we’re gonna head home and we’re gonna hit next so now it’s looking for devices google has pretty much given an awesome job but these are devices and other you know she can control your whole house with says chromecast found would you like to set up the chromecast zero seven six one so that must be the numbers for this one so when I say yes this is a chromecast check it to kodi on chromecast I’m so I was connecting see it says Z 2 P 3 on the TV I don’t know

if you can see that or not let’s just set me up so it says see TV code on your TV our c2 code on your TV apologies seeing Z 2 P 3 lets you know that you’re connecting to the right chromecast so that’s the right one you guys yes okay where is the device we’re going to put bedroom next so this is in my bedroom whoops bedroom next bedroom TV to create a unique name it says next and that’s my Wi-Fi that I’m using it automatically picked it because my phone’s on that next it may ask me for a password I’m not sure I don’t think

so connecting to Wi-Fi it’s just so simple the elderly people that’s not very computer literate but they have a phone they can watch movies use their phone as an aunt a Bulut so they can use tablets you can use computers whatever you have but the most simplest thing uses your tablets and home phones so it says update required hang on while we fetched the updates.

so now it’s that’s looking for an update there let me zoom in this is up there update required fetching the update so this was six percent so we’re gonna let this update and when this is all done updating you guys this will be all finished you’ll be able to watch anything you want

so I just wanted to show you how easy it was to set this up and you know stream videos to you’re your TV and a lot of people out there they’re buying in these devices that everybody thinks the 4k I hate to burst your bubble but or not you may have a 4k TV that’s capable of an accepting 4k but most of the devices out there as pushing or trying to push 4k to them TVs is basically enhanced I call it enhance 4k and there’s one box I only know about there right now I’m absolutely a hundred percent sure it’s only the one box

that’s xbox to new Xbox X or 10 where do you want to call it anyways that is actually pushing out 4k and you’re gonna get the best picture from that Xbox anything else in the world today Android boxes they don’t have anything out there they may say it is but it’s not it’s just a marketing sales scam like these chromecast they have one out there says supports 4k but there’s no device out there that’s really truly 4k I mean 1080p or 1080i is the closest you’re going to get to actual 4k the PlayStation Pro it’s not even true 4k

so that’s just enhance it’s all enhanced it makes it look like it but it’s not the actual resolution so anyway guys this is yeah it’s updating it’s pretty simple and if he’s one of me to make a article kodi on chromecast of me streaming something or how to run a stream to something make another video for that but thanks for watching get yourself a kodi for chromecast is so simple to set up thanks you guys please rate and share and thumbs up I appreciate you guys watching it wasn’t you guys I wouldn’t be here.

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