How to Watch NFL on Firestick With Jailbreak NFL Sunday Ticket

How to Watch NFL on Firestick with Jailbreak NFL Sunday Ticket: hope y’all having a fantastic day NFL season, has finally arrived y’all and one of the number one questions that I’ve been getting in the last two weeks is where can i watch NFL in HD for absolutely free on my fire TV stick well. friends this is the article for you we actually are going to visit two websites from within a fire TV stick and then we’re gonna save those websites as a favorite or a bookmark. of course this works for any other Android device as long as you have a browser installed, but in this particular case we’re using an Amazon device. so we’re going to install the silk browser which is available in the Amazon store let’s go ahead and get it installed y’all. if you don’t have a remote with a microphone on it where you can simply search for the app like this silca browser click it install it that way. if you don’t have the microphone simply scroll to the very top left scroll down and type in the word silk and it’ll be the very first option that appears on there. right there silk at the very top you click it select it and install it okay once it’s installed you simply open it up.

How to Watch NFL on Firestick with Jailbreak NFL Sunday Ticket

you can read through all that if you want to I’m gonna simply scroll down and press accept I’m, not signing my life away so I’ll be safe and then here’s what’s awesome this is what it opens up to they already give you two bookmarks down here. already okay they give you YouTube, because that’s not available on your fire TV stick anymore and then they give you amazon.com. now if you wanted to remove those you can just simply press your three line button and delete it okay. so that’s all I did I pressed my menu button and then you can delete it that way, but we want to visit the very top left corner with a search icon is right there where it says search the or inter URL you’re gonna press ENTER on that the first website we’re going to install is 720p stream dot me that’s. what you’re going to type in 720p stream period me and scroll down and we’re gonna select go now. before you click go, I’d like to warn you that sometimes there are some inappropriate ads that appear towards the top of the screen so. if you’ve got a kid or something using this, I highly recommend adult supervision because for example I probably did this video ten times already and I keep showing off an erectile disfunction picture which is not going to be appropriate for YouTube.

Watch NFL on FiresticSo just be careful as all I’m going to say to you and when I click on go you’re gonna see me scroll down as fast as I can to avoid those naughty ads okay. So simply press ok or enter button on go press ok again and I’m gonna simply already be holding down my, my down button. so I can avoid those ads towards the top and thank God I did alright here’s how it looks you are in 720p HD streams its online as it says there shows the date in the corner. I like that you can follow and it looks like on Facebook Twitter and all the other social media sites available. the way this works is when a link is available or when it games on for example, you’ve got the LAN tabrets vers miami marlins it’ll say watch now, next to it all you would simply do you would click on watch now, it’s going to ask you to stay here. you’d select stay here then it’s going to prompt you to scrolling down and you’re going to see a big huge play option and build a screen you’re going to click on that play option then it’s going to ask you to stay here again.

You’re going to click enter again and in the channel or game will open up okay. I cannot open it up when I did last time. I’m one of those naughty ads popped up, so I cannot show you unfortunately the channel in action but I please take my word for it they are in HD quality, let’s scroll down and see what else is in here. because this is about NFL but I just want to show you that you can actually watch all types of sports in here. in HD alright there’s your NFL Network live 24/7 like I said same process watch now, click on stay here scroll down click on the big play. icon click on stay here the channel will open up here’s, all your upcoming games available you can click on more games there to see the other ones.

You’ve also got MMA available on this I wanted to show you all that and you can click on -> more games available on that as well so are your pay-per-view events and things. like that you’re going to be able to access that here, as well including your WWE stuff. so this is pretty much an all-in-one to find all your sports in HD for absolutely free. now before I leave here before I forget just simply press your three line button anywhere in here. three line button we’re gonna scroll to the right and we’re going to simply add bookmark and there you go there’s our 720p stream as a bookmark right there for you.

Okay we’ve got one more I want to show you, so we’re going to simply scroll back up to the left we’re going to click on search the web or enter URL click enter. this time we’re going to type in sports HD dot me Tim e same thing in here. I’m going to scroll down as fast as I can to avoid the act. so click on go I’m gonna already be holding down my bottom button there we go and it automatically opens up to the MLB section here’s what’s awesome, this its categorized for you. you don’t it’s everything is not a one page like the last one and it’s a little easier to use on this you’d simply press on the channel and then you’re gonna simply press on the big huge play icon and then to make the screen go big in the very bottom right hand corner of your picture. there’s two arrows click on that arrow to make that screen fullscreen okay. obviously like I said I can’t click on the channels to show you, I promise you the games are in HD and there was zero buffering. I’m in my basement away from my Wi-Fi and I still had quality streams it played flawlessly and an HD pretty fantastic all your upcoming games available these other categories. So everything still is on my page I didn’t realize that before but you can also scroll to the very top and you can simply click on categories from here as well.

So we’ll just click on NFL and there you go these are your NFL streams including your NFL Network 24/7 channel right there for you obviously there’s no live now channel like this one has no live next to it. so that means those games are not active at this time okay and that’s how easy it is y’all to watch free NFL games in HD for absolutely free. all right while we’re in here we need to go ahead and save this to our favorites as well or a book market. so press your three line button scroll to the far right click on that star and add bookmark and there you go we now. have our sports HD dot me and our 720p stream dot me website right there available for us okay.

You can click your back button to get out of there and simply exit the silk browser ladies and gentlemen. I hope you enjoyed this how to watch NFL on Firestick. please let me know down below what you think let me know. if this is working for you, let me know what other devices you’re trying this on I’ve tried on my Android phone my Nvidia shield and my fire TV devices all working flawlessly in HD quality. I hope you all enjoy this as always please make sure you like the article, make sure you share this with your friends and family and make sure you click that little bill next to the article that we get notified every time I drop a new about Firestick Jailbroken. if you all haven’t noticed this Watch NFL on Firestick has been in pure HD quality I have some new equipment. so my article will be in pure HD quality from here on out there’s gonna be no more using a camera to record my TV it’s always gonna be in HD quality just like this for you. I hope you all enjoyed Jailbreak NFL Sunday Ticket and I will see you all in the next one college boy NFL season y’all woo.

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