Nora Go App Download and Install on Firestick

Nora Go App Firestick is available now and you can download Nora GO App on Firestick after this latest version of 2020. Even How to Installl NoraGo App on Firestick is possible. hey everyone today we’ll be talking about how to download the Nora Go App to your fire stick or fire device the first thing we’re going to want to do when you have that fire stick uploaded. On the home screen is go over to settings and from settings we’re going to want to go over and click on device once the you hit device you want to go down to developer options and make sure the apps from unknown sources is turned on it’s real important that you do this.

Because if not the actual download of the app won’t happen once we ensure that that’s on you can go ahead. Press the home button on your fire remote and take you right back out to your home screen from there on your round button on the fire remote press the left. Then we’re going to go ahead and type in the word downloader do W in ello. You can see it’s popped up here ad er is how to finish it out but we’ll go ahead and select it because it knew what I wanted. You’ll see downloader right there and it’s bright orange has the word download on an arrow pointing down. Nora Go App Firestick


Download Nora GO App for Firestick 2020

That’s the one that you’ll want to select so once you select it and download it that will take just a moment I actually already have it downloaded so I’ll go ahead. Open it up here and from there you’ll see that this is the home screen, ultimately the screen that will end up using to download the Nora Go App but first we’ll need to go over to settings. we’ll need to make sure that enabled JavaScript is checked off there and ours is so we’ll go ahead back over. we’ll go to home and you’ll see this right here. we’ll need to leave the HTTP in there but we’ll start off by pressing the round button on the firestick remote to bring up our keypad. we’re going to type in B I T not L Y then we’re going to come down here and select our symbols to get a forward slash back to our numerical pad.

Now we’re going to type in Nora Go app on Firestick and it’s real important you type it in exactly how you see here. Because just like if you don’t enable JavaScript or you don’t allow apps from unknown sources it won’t actually download for you so we’re going to go ahead down here. We’ve confirmed that that is the right link we want to download and we’ll click go downloader is connecting for us once you’re at this step if you haven’t already go ahead and make sure you go to e flux tv.com and get yourself a free trial or subscription because it’s very quick after this that you’ll be able to open the app and it will ask you for the pin number and provider ID that we’ll talk about here in just a moment all right so you’ll see that it’s now connected and it’s bringing up this external page for us and all you’ll have to do from here is actually click download. and there it is so we’ll go ahead and select it and it tells me that my download is starting so let me see the progress bar at the top almost complete here officially downloading the file alright.

Install Nora Go App on Firestick

So now it’s going to ask us if we want to install we do so we’ll just press our down button over to install Nora GO App on Firestick, press select all right. Now that it’s installed we’ll go ahead and open it and you’ll see now that it’s launching the Norah Go app for us and this will take us directly to the page I was telling you about earlier you’ll see user name and password you’ll see refresh you’ll see pin code.

Pin code is the one that we’re going to be focusing on since it is a fire device. Because you only need the pin code as well as the provider ID to access the app in the fire device. you’ll find both of those things in your welcome email. After you get your subscription or your free trial at a flux tv.com that’s e FF l ux tv.com. So you’ll see here that it did bring up Nora go for us it says bad credentials that’s actually good because we haven’t put any cadential x’ in yet and there’s the screen house talking about you see refresh username and password as well as ping code. so ping code would be the one that you would want to go to from here.

You’ll just select it, you’ll enter your 8 digit pin code found in your welcome email. You’ll also enter the provider ID found in the same email and it’s as simple as that guy so it’s a quick. easy download for all fire devices go ahead and get it downloaded cut the cord today get over a flux tv.com and get you a subscription or a trial. get on or go and see what a Firestick Jailbroken has saw for you thanks. Let me know in the comments what other article you want to see regarding Nora Go App Firestick as well as any other devices you may want to see tutorials on have a great day.

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