How to Fix Openload co Pair Error on Kodi

Openload co Pair: Having https://olpair.com & openload.co/pair Error in Kodi? Follow All these 2 Methods To Fix Both Of These Errors On 2 Minutes (Permanently). Will you be getting https://olpair.com pair streaming authorization pop-up while streaming your best movies or tv shows on Kodi? Inside this tutorial, I am about to provide you with one step by step process for fix olpair.com and openload.co/pair error permanently. Just follow this tutorial before the end…

You will be enjoying Kodi on this device for that streaming purposes but lot’s of individuals reported they are getting pairing problem with various Kodi add-ons. https://olpair.com and openload.co/pair will be the most frequent error which every popular Kodi add-ons users experiencing from last few weeks.


On your request of several in our readers, We are writing that tutorial to help fix olpair.com pair and openload.com pair error on Kodi 17.6. You will be sawed some tutorials in this but, with this tutorial, you are likely to check the easiest steps of fix both of people errors permanently and even temporarily.

How to find Openload co Pair?

Kodi users telling that, these are getting olpair.com pairing error regularly though the actual fact will be bit different. All these are not an error, but it’s simply a solution to have better streaming experience to users. Openload.co is among the biggest database servers which comprise of millions from movies, videos, and tv shows.

Millions in users streaming those movies and videos on everyday. Now, it became an incredibly tough task of handle a very huge request to get any server. Many Kodi add-ons like Placenta, Exodus, Covenant, Nemesis etc. are choosing the python codes and scripts to get the direct streaming links from such form of video servers. In order to avoid this misuse of resources, developers started asking to pair any device to look at openload.co videos.

Like this, these are verifying that this request generated by the human, not bot or scripts and everybody can get equal opportunity. When you pair your device with olpair.com or openload.co/pair web servers, you have access to the contents for 4 hours. After 4 hours, your authorization can be expired and again you have to pair with olpair.com server.

How To Fix https://olpair.com and openload.co/pair Error on Kodi?

You can get multiple solutions to fix https://olpair.com and openload.co/pair error for Kodi users. Many of them are mentioned below:

Method 1: How to Fix olpair.com error by pairing this IP address | Temporary Fix

The simplest and versatile solution to fix olpair.com pair issue by pairing your IP address using their servers. Although this may not a permanent method to fix this, you can enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows from openload.co servers.

Follow this steps to pair your IP address for olpair.com:

Step 1: Enable your personal VPN

It will always be recommended to must work with a VPN that provides a good stable IP address. Express VPN and IPVanish will be two superfast VPN services for Kodi and Firestick that provides stable IP address for trouble-free streaming. To start with, enable a VPN for your device.

Step 2: Open your Web Browser

Now, you have to open your web browser that will supports HTML5 and all of latest scripts. Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox is the most advanced browser that will supports all of the latest scripts and codes.

Step 3: Enter https://olpair.com/ from the URL bar

Visit the URL address bar to your browser and then type the next URL. When you open https://olpair.com/ in your browser, your public IP is so visible on screen. You have to pair that if you want to stream all of the contents from openload.co and various similar hosters.

Step 4: Check I’m not just a robot Box

If you are have to prove that, you may be human, not just a robot. For your, you need to verify the captcha by checking this box {I’m not just a robot.}

Step 5: Hit this Pair button

When you verify the captcha, you’ll visit a blue tick mark from the I’m just not a robot box. And then, you need to hit this Pair button.

Step 6: Close your browser

Voila! You will have successfully paired your IP address with https://olpair.com and even https://openload.co web servers. You will notice a real successful message in your screen. Now, close the browser and visit Kodi add-ons have fun with uninterrupted streaming for the following 4 hours. Make certain, you will not be disabling your IP address on between.

Your device IP address have been successfully combined with openload.co servers. Now, you may stream all of the movies, videos and then tv shows from openload.co.

Note: Don’t disable and change the IP address in next 4 hours else you’ll again face the olpair.com pair issue from your Kodi device. Should you so, next again repeat this process from step one to step six.

Method 2: Fix olpair.com error by disabling hosters using captcha (Permanent Fix)

Additional method to fix olpair.com pair issue on Kodi is; disable all of those streaming links that will be asking to captcha verification. With this, we have to disable the hosters with captchas in add-ons settings. Continue with the steps below:

Step 1: Open Exodus Add-on

I am a big fan from Exodus and then Covenant Kodi add-ons. So, I’ll take that example for Exodus Kodi add-on with fix olpair.com stream authorization problem. To start with open Kodi from your device next visit Add-ons> Video Add-ons> than Exodus.

Step 2: Visit Tools

After you open Exodus add-on, you’ll see your option called Tools from the dashboard. Other add-ons may not have your option but you’ll see Settings in Covenant and some other Kodi add-ons. Select on Tools as shown below.

Step 3: Select SETTINGS: Providers

You need to open the Providers settings from Exodus Kodi addon. Refer image below.

Step 4: Disable Hosters With Captchas

Scroll down in providers settings and then disable hosters using captchas option to the dashboard. After disabling, hit OK with save the setting and then reload Exodus.

Now reload the Exodus add-ons and also start streaming all your favorite movies and even tv shows. Right now, all of those streaming links may not be fetched by Kodi which asking on pairing or captcha verifications. Now, you’ll no longer get asked for pair with https://olpair.com with access openload.co streaming links.

Final Words

There are 2 methods for fix olpair.com pair issue on Firestick (Kodi). You are a real temporary solution that will you’ll be ready to watch all of the videos for 4 hours. The second one will be the permanent solution though if you disable hosters with captchas then you’ll miss any lot of movies and then tv shows streaming links from 4K HD quality. So, within the permanent fix, I will rather go using the best solution to fix olpair.com or openload.co/pair error for Kodi.

When you still facing any issues, at any time write from the comment box. We’ll make contact with your shortly and then fix Openload co Pair your issue personally.

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