Openload Stream Authorization – What to do?

Openload Stream Authorization: one of the most annoying messages on Kodi when you want to watch a movie is from open load stream authorization for pairing your device at open load co / Pierre and I find that open load Co and video dot me sometimes have very good. Streams so but these pop-up messages are very annoying so how to deal with them and I am saying not fix because I don’t think there is really a fix to get rid of them so how how to actually deal with these messages so in my opinion there.

Are three ways to deal with them, the first would be to actually clear. Your device on their website so the good, thing is that you don’t have to pair your device where you’re running Kodi on. You can actually pair any device or any. Computer at your home because it’s actually pairing with your IP address at your home so you can have a shortcut on your tablet or or on your PC and you can.


Openload Stream Authorization – What to do?

Actually pair from there so it should be pretty quick so let’s let’s go to the website and pair the device. Okay so I am at the open load dot co / pair website and now if I check this box I’m not a robot and then select the appropriate. Answer here I should be able to pair the device. Okay so now I can pair it the device is paired now okay so now I can go to Kodi. And try watching the same movie again, okay so as you can see now I can watch these movies mm are you serious without getting the pop-up pretending to be okay.

So that would be one way of dealing with it is basically pairing your device by going to their website and then I think there is some time window maybe about I think about three to four hours where the pairing is valid and then so it’s a good idea so if you want to watch a movie you just have a shortcut on any computer or a tablet and you go there and pair your device first and then you go and watch a movie on your TV or any other device where you have your Kodi on.

Okay so that would be one Bay so the second way would be to actually not even have those pop-up streams available here. from open load and video not me so you don’t even have those streams available and that case you don’t have to worry about the pop-up you, I mean you will not get the option to see the screen from there but at least you will have to deal with the popups by saying cancel if you don’t appear your device in the first place so you don’t then see those streams and then you actually just go to the streams which are like for example from G video and stuff like that. You just go to those particular streams so for that so that you don’t even get the streams from open load and video at me or any other website which requires pairing and authorization can go to. Exodus and shut the context menu we add on settings and then click on playback and then uncheck the holsters with captures holsters with captures uncheck that and say okay so now. If we go back we won’t even see the streams from open load and video not me so. So now you will see that there are no links no free links available from the open load or video host so these hoes don’t have any links anymore. So all the links here right now are basically from the host which do not have any pop-ups or any authorization required.

Okay so so these these were the two ways to deal with the error. Okay so the third way to deal with this authorization message would be to use something like real debris now real. Debris is a pretty good service it’s a basically unrestricted downloader. That allows you to download instantly so in this case from open load is the host which we are trying to access but when we use the real debris this will be able to access that particular host without any pop-ups whatever the arrangement between I guess the real debris and the host like open load is so and apparently there is also many more streams, available press look into how the real debris works okay so for example line I have not seen many options for Lyon as. far as the free service is concerned so with the real debris let’s see what kind of streams we get. so as you can see the first link we have is the real debris from open load and there is a movie free so this is a free.

one from open load and so if we click on this one we will not any of the real debris once you will not see any pop-up. so let’s save it click on this one and right now just to make sure I have not paired my device for more than a day so just no clearing I’m not gone to the open load website and paid my device. So if I click on the first link okay let me click on the second one so you see that. I see the pairing okay you see the pairing is happening here okay so I’ll cancel it okay now let me go to the first one which is a real debris open load and if you click on that okay as you can see there is no popup message and the stream is coming straight without any authorization required.
okay so we saw that there’s no pop up, okay again we had a really brief the. first one the real deeply open load, okay as you can see no pop-up nothing required that’s pretty good okay, so as you can see that there’s no pop up any when you use the service with real debris so that would be one other way of dealing with these authorization. messages if you want to use real debris that’s certainly one of the option and I think if it’s a basically a one of the hassle-free way to watch stuff on Kodi.

So I’m going to put all the relevant links for this post. so if you want to see the link for the open load or for real debris you can you can certainly look into the links and use those links I hope this post helps thanks for read Openload Stream Authorization.

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