Pairing a Replacement Firestick Remote

Pairing a Replacement Firestick Remote – day welcome to, everything we got us the fire Stick Alexa voice remote. the reason I have an Alexa voice remotes because I lost the darn thingI got a cube TV fire cube TV immediately lost the remote. The device wasn’t that expensive but go to try us buy the stupid remote it’s like 30 bucks too expensive I had $20 from Bing or actually $10 $15 from being. So it wasn’t that expensive otherwise I would have got to some kind of universal one but I kind of like these remotes a really nice size and they do exactly what you want I don’t use the voice part. I just like the fast-forward stop and pause at home in the little ringy deal but kind of pricey for what it is and you’re kind of screwed without you can do the voice and then the voice works fine and that’s the whole point of behind the fire TV cube is its voice.

Pairing a Replacement Firestick Remote

Pairing a Replacement Firestick Remote

So you don’t have to use it but I still like the remote, sometimes you just want to hit a button fast forward and stuff like that a lot easier but I lost the darn thing. so now we got a new one, so today we’re going to do what we are gonna do that sauce we’re gonna pair this bad boy with the fire TV cube at least open it up because people like to see what’s in a box Amazon. they kept down Article on this before but they do some of the nicest packaging out there if you ever see anything come from Amazon or Amazon made device you’ll know that it’s some high quality packaging. So he’s kind of impressed me someone’s like origami yeah yeah sorry I’m azan I know you spent a lot of time on this but it’s just a remote there’s mr. box smiling at me and of course here’s the remote nothing fancy simple remote oh it comes with of course a manual let’s see what’s in the manual oh there we go power up pairing tells you how to pair of course it comes with two little batteries loose and then this fellow and you can see on the back I’ll put the batteries in slide it up take it off stick them in

and you forgot put the cover back I actually tried pairing I have fire sticks actually a whole bunch of fire sticks and I just could not get them to pair so I gave up and because I got one of the fire sticks I don’t really use that much forgot just use that remote and maybe because I had already paired with the the the fire stick didn’t want to let go so we’re at the point where I bought another remote there we go voila plastic I’ll never leave the plastic on let’s take a look at the manual Amazon fire TV I like sepoys remote power pure LexA voice power pure luck sell voice remote to open the back and cert the included batteries done pairing them wrote what the Amazon fire TV must pair your new remote to your Amazon fire TV and choose the applicable pairing instructions for that as well this is a replacement remote or start your fire TV by improved the power cable after Amazon fire TV home screen displays your remote is very preparing all right press and hold the home button that’s of that de button let’s see a person hold your home home button on your new remote that’s you for at least 10 second remote should automatically pair with your amazon firetv so restart your Amazon fire by plugging the power and putting it back in the Amazon was acquired to be displays your remote is repaired press it all the home button on your new remote for these 10 seconds ok on a new remote oh this is an additional mode

okay si can have a replacement or a second remote so you can fight Dooley in remotes if you have an additional remote hold 10 seconds you must use your existing remote for the following steps press the home button navigate to settings located at the top of the screen slick controllers and Bluetooth devices and was a fire TV remotes add a new remote so your Amazon fire chief or search for discoverer remotes that’s cool seeking up to or months tips new remote does not connect your moving or instruct batteries remote if removed isn’t discovered press the home button for these 10 seconds always replace dead batteries do want to have alkaline or nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries and some product information on the back pretty simple so basically what we will do today is we will hold it
down for 10 seconds BAM and see what says on the fire TV so let’s go buy the TV and give this a test okay so we have mr. TV on so I thought we would pair this sucker live baby live so we’ll do what it says we’ll take mr. remote hold down for 10 seconds all right that did nothing hold down the home for ten seconds one two three four five six seven eight nine ten all right do you see anything working nothing okay since that did not work
we’re gonna use mr. phone I’ve got the fire TV app and we’re gonna go into let’s see no go back I’m gonna go into settings if I don’t like using the app it’s too touchy and I get the idea

this is what I’ve been doing using mr. phone and so we got notifications here come on vacations whoops the controllers and Bluetooth devices Amazon fire TV remotes add a new remote and that’s our job person hold for 10 seconds so that was the app we want okay so it did to it I think would give you some kind of notification but that apparently is all we really need you can see over here it says pressed unpair so I don’t want unparent I just paired it see let’s go back back back back home there you go pretty easy yeah we did have to use the app but at least we had to use the go into the settings let’s go back home

so we didn’t have to use the settings to pair it to the fire TV cube so maybe the fire TV sticks a little different fire TV fire TV stick so just go into controllers Bluetooth devices and I said in a sudden fire TV remotes and add new remote and then hold it down for 10 seconds so that did work very nice so that is how you and I pair this remote to the fire TV actually the fire TV cube and I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you you found it useful I did and now I have my remote back so I’m happy and I think when I do I’m gonna get one of those colored covers for it so at least I know I think just being black it’s hard to locate this sometimes and I don’t want to lose it again cuz this is expensive even though I know the fire TV cube which is over there where’s yet oh it’s down there is all supposed to be voice-activated all that good stuff.

That for the most part does work but it still sometimes you want the remote just makes it simpler and easier so there you go so enjoy the article Pairing a Replacement Firestick Remote and have a great day you.

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