How to Install Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN On Firestick

How to Install Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN On Firestick – In this tutorial, you will learn a step-by-step guide for installing and managing Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN on Firestick. At present, personal Internet access is ranked #1 VPN for Firestick. However, PIA Firestick VPN has many disadvantages.

Read this guide to find out everything from the beginning. VPN on Firestick and Kodi you will find the advantages and disadvantages of private Internet access.

Let’s start …

What is Private Internet Access (PIA)?


Private Internet Acess

Believe me, when researching too many Q & A websites, I realized that many people don’t know what role VPN plays. So I wrote here from the beginning. You can always jump with our table of contents to your favorite Contains.

Private internet access; The name itself states that it secures your Internet access and makes your activities private. When testing so many VPN services, I came to know PIA (Private Internet Access) and decided to try it.

Private Internet access is designed solely for streaming purposes, which is very popular among Kodi and FireatiFi users. Private Internet access provides a faster streaming experience with a moderate level of security that is sufficient for Firestick and Kodi users.

What is a VPN On Firestick?

A VPN is a protective layer between your device and your internet service provider. I would rather say, VPN encrypts your personal information from public access and hackers. When we use the Internet, we all know that our browsing history and surfing activities can be monitored by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other government officials.

However, VPN is a private server that is encrypted with 258-bit encryption and various security filters. If you activate a VPN on your device, use this VPN to create a virtual interface between you and your ISP.
You get a new virtual IP address, which can come from any country and from any location. Some VPNs offer anonymous locations while others allow you to choose IP locations.

Whenever your ISP or government or even hackers try to access your data, they must fight first with a strong 256-bit encrypted firewall. Penetrating a good VPN firewall is almost impossible. However, if they can break down, they must identify their data based on a different list of connected users.

Access to your personal information and activities is almost impossible if you use strong VPN software. It is highly recommended that you use VPN when streaming or downloading movies or TV shows through Terrarium TV and Kodi.

Here are some reasons to use VPN on Firestick …

Why do I have to use a VPN On Firestick?

There are several reasons why you need to use a VPN on a Firestick device. I mentioned in the previous section; Your personal data and Internet activities can be seen by the public. This means you are vulnerable to hackers and government officials.

Firestick is a streaming device that allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on your Smart TV. Many Firestick streaming applications, such as Terrarium TV, TV Set, Kodi, etc., provide copyrighted content deleted directly from various torrent sources through Python and other programming languages.

Distribution of copyrighted content through the Internet is illegal activity. That means you invite FIR to you. However, many videos depend on location, so you cannot access videos and movies. In such cases, VPN is the only choice for you.

Private Internet Access (PIA) On Firestick

Private Internet access is a newborn among various Firestick VPNs. This amazing feature of VPN has become viral and has been installed on most Firestick devices. Private internet access is known for faster streaming speeds. Immediately after Express VPN, PIA is the fastest VPN server for streaming movies and TV shows.

This opens various areas with the region key for your Firestick device. PIA outperforms all other popular VPNs and offers high streaming speeds at lower costs. One subscription can be used on different devices.

PIA provides nearly 3,000 servers spread across various locations in 30 countries. These servers are located in more than 40 cities. However, I found the weakness of PIA sending you usernames and random passwords that are hard to remember. But for the sake of security it’s good.


  • The Fastest VPN for Firestick.
  • Incredible buffer-free streaming experience.
  • More than 3000 servers, spread in more than 40 cities.
  • The servers at PIA are located in 30 very different countries..
  • Free subscription is relatively lower than other good Firestick VPNs.
  • Outstanding customer support.


  • There is no personalized username.
  • Limited for Android devices.

How to install PIA VPN on Firestick

1. Open Settings

Use your remote control to enter Settings on your Firestick / FireTV.

Firestick Settings

Firestick Settings

2. Select Developer Options

Go to the developer options for your Firestick device.

Firestick Developer Options

Firestick Developer Options

3. Activate Allow apps from unknown sources

The developer option displays two options: ADB debugging and allows applications from unknown sources. Therefore, you only need to activate the “Allow applications from unknown sources” option here.

Turn ON Apps From Unknown Sources

Turn ON Apps From Unknown Sources

4. Open the search option and enter Downloader

Here you need to install two applications on your device. The first is the Downloader application and the other is the TV Set.

Go to Search option

Go to Search option

5. Download Downloader



If you enter the Downloader in the search option and click Select, different results will be displayed on your screen. Open the first search result. Check the image below.

6. Open Downloader

There are two methods for opening Downloaders with Firestick. Open the Application, open Downloader or click directly on the “Open” button (see below). Open Downloader

7. Enter the following URL

Enter the download link from the VPN Apk file for Private Internet Access. Next is the latest download link from PIA Apk- http://bit.ly/PIAVPNDL following URL

8. Wait … download PIA Apk

download PIA Apk

9. Select Install

Install PIA VPN

10. Open PIA VPN



11. Enter with a PIA account

If you already have a premium subscription for PIA VPN on Firestick, enter your username and password. If not, click the “Register now” button to get a subscription.

Sign in using PIA account

Sign in using PIA account

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