How to Get Pokemon GO Kindle Fire Tablet {Update}

Pokemon GO on Kindle Fire: Follow our easy guide to download and install Pokemon GO See your Kindle Fire or Amazon Fire tablet. This guide will show how to download google’s Play Store for your tablet and install Google Maps (you’ll need this to operate the sport properly) and Pokemon GO. You don’t need to root your device. This really is confirmed employed by the $50 Amazon Fire tablet and really should work with all Fire devices running Fire OS 5 Bellini. Pokemon GO for the Kindle Fire Tablet

How to Install Pokemon on Kindle Fire Tablet

  1. Visit Settings -> Security -> and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources (the choice might be found under Settings -> Applications on older devices) Unknown Sources
  2. Download the most recent Google Services Framework APK file here: Google Services Framework APK Download
  3. Open the APK file and hit Install Install Google Services Framework
  4. Download the most recent Google Play Services APK file here: Google Play Services APK Download
  5. Open the APK file and hit Install Install Google Play Services
  6. Download the most recent Google Account Manager .APK file here: Google Account Manager APK Download
  7. Open the APK file and hit Install Install Google Account Manager
  8. Download the most recent Google Play Store APK file here: Google Play Store APK Download
  9. Open the APK file and hit Install Install Google Play Store
  10. Restart your tablet
  11. Open Google Play (it will take a couple of minutes to load) Run Google Play Store
  12. Install Google Maps Install Maps
  13. Download and Install Pokemon GO Install Pokemon GO Kindle Fire
  14. Visit Settings -> Wireless -> Location-Based Services -> and turn off Location-Based Services turn off Location Based Services
  15. Launch Google Maps and press around the current location icon Detect Location in Google Maps

It ought to prompt a Use location? pop-up (it can possibly pop-up instantly whenever you launch Google Maps). Press Yes. Turn On Use LocationYou need to now visit your location in the Google Maps. Exit Maps and today run Pokemon GO!

Note: To be able to play Pokemon Go on Fire tablet, you’ll always have to be connected to the Wi-Fi, therefore restricting what you can do to trap Pokemon anywhere. We recommend you tether off someone’s phone, visit public areas with free Wi-Fi, or use incenses to draw in Pokemons in your direction.

Parse Error: If you’re getting a parse error while installing the Google Play services for your tablet, substandard the file is corrupted or perhaps your OS might be too old. To repair a corrupted file, please try re-installing the file. In case your OS is simply too old, you will have to improve your OS to the latest version, however bear in mind that some older devices can’t be updated to some compatible OS. Your device must be on Fire OS 5 (Bellini). Look at your device’s compatibility here (scroll lower towards the chart at the end and appearance in case your device can run Fire OS 5).

Failed to Detect Location: Turn off “mock locations”. Please be aware that this really is turned off automatically and you will have to enable Developer Options to access this method.

How to Turn Off Mock Locations:

  1. Visit Settings -> Device Options > and press on Serial Number 7 occasions – Developer Options should now appear Enable Developer Options
  2. Visit Developer Options and turn off Allow mock locations Turn Off Allow mock locations

GPS Signal Not FoundError: Turn off “Location-Based Services” and then start Google Maps. You ought to be motivated to “Use location”, hit “Yes”. If you didn’t obtain the pop-up, hit the identify location button and you ought to be motivated to “use location”. You need to now have the ability to visit your location on Maps. Exit and launch Pokemon GO. If you’re still obtaining the error, visit “Location-Based Services” and make certain it’s turned on for Play Services, Maps, and Pokemon GO.

Our servers have issues. Please return later.:” See if the Pokemon GO servers are lower only for you or everyone, here.

Known Bugs: AR Mode doesn’t work.

Should you be in a position to effectively install and run Pokemon GO, please tell us within the comments below. Should you were unable obtain the game running, please tell us too. Please incorporate your device inside your comment.

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