Roku vs Firestick Which Should You Buy?

Roku vs Firestick Which Should You Buy? Who will out in the end Roku or Amazon? – here on Website and Youtube answering your corekai related questions sometimes though questions can’t really be answered during the Q&A; in depth as I’m talking people are asking questions I’m trying to read the chats behind by and I can’t really spend 10 15 minutes on a particular group of questions because then 30 people would be upset and it answered their question. So today I really wanted to take a minute and dive into two related questions again all the time what’s the best streaming player broker for our TV what’s the future who’s gonna win the long-term stream Valve Roku for our TV, so very interesting if you want our Apple usually want an apple you’re not gonna really consider the others injury TVs kind of same way like an ocelot Roku versus fire TV she’ll get Roku shy get fire TV people wanna know they wanna they want to know which is best and that’s very interesting to me that those the ones I get the most questions about.

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Roku VS Firestick 2020 Which Should You Buy

but now that we got that way let’s dive into the this week, so which is better YouTube or the row cruising me or the fire TV here on Website we’re going to talk about that that’s a tough one. I get to asses all the time it feels like a Q&A; doesn’t go by or a week does go by sometimes a day doesn’t go by I get don’t get an asset and the truth is I don’t think either one is perfect for everyone just like with YouTube TV on sync TV PlayStation view Hulu and more there’s no one service that’s going to be right for right I could like a group of chalice and you like a different group of channels so I may say YouTube TV’s perfect for me you may say slaying a place they should be reject Eevee now it’s perfect for you I may actually like fubo or Philo as my main one you may like Hulu and that’s fine there is no wrong case in that and the same goes with streaming players if your iTunes user the Apple TV’s the device for you.

If you’re not an iTunes user you may say you know Apple TV’s not for me I want more access or control to my content through a Roku or fire TV because I primarily use Amazon for example and the same is true here I think the fire TV Oroku both are great devices and both offer something to somebody now we can get arguments about oh you know the fire TV remotes the best or hey you know I don’t like the quick Bynes on a Roku remote or Roku subscribers may say hey I love having a Netflix and a Hulu quick launch bond because I use a Mac press one by night watching the Netflix press one button on watching it whoo there’s nothing wrong both those arguments are legitimate and really great what I would say.

Roku VS Firestick Review

if you’re trying to make a decision which one is right which one’s best it really comes down to what you want ask yourself which services do you want to use for example Roku has a enough is showing YouTube TV channel the Amazon fire TV does not they have workarounds for YouTube through their browser that’s pretty good I don’t think it’s quite as good as an official one like on roku android TV or apple TV and then flip side of it the fire TV has services that the Roku doesn’t the new fire TV DVR recast is a really great device out there for transmitting Roku does have Tablo and others though so keep that mind but Tablo or assuming the fire TV does have twitch which Roku has an unofficial twitch app but not an official one like the fire TV.

I could go on and on so I would say really kind of say hey here’s the five or ten services I want and are they on the device news on a great service of stream a local this is only on the on the Roku 4 news on stream local news and more so to ask yourself which one offers what what services I want and that for 90% people answer your question if you’re still thinking okay both of them have what I want I think it really comes down to user interface some people will love Roku because it’s super simple it’s not beautifly she it’s not shiny it’s no Apple esque high polish but it’s super super simple other people be like hey that’s ugly I I don’t care how simple it is it’s ugly they may say hey I like the fire TV Roku usually they say hey fire TV has too many ads on the home screen feels like there’s ads everywhere in the home screen and fire TV users big may say hey those aren’t ads so it’s a recommended content I kind of like Amazon suggesting things to watch or try so I think it really comes out of user interface and the remote some people are gonna say hey I wish there was a more traditional d-pad the circular thing confuses my grandparents when they come over other people are gonna say hey the Roku remote.

Roku VS Firestick Channels

I hate those quick buttons I always bump them I don’t like them so ask yourself does this device have what you want if both are yes then ask yourself does things like have a Netflix button on the remote is that a plus or negative to you is having the more directional d-pad on there a plus or negative to you and lastly ask yourself about personal assistance Roku now integrates with the Google home product so you have a Google home throughout your house and you want to control your Roku through it that’s an option if you have a bunch of echos and you want to use the surface that her name starts with an a I won’t say because everybody complained because I activate their echos at home oh maybe you want party because she’s fully integrated with the fire TV there so keep that in mind um those are the three things I would suggest checking out I think for the most part Fire TV in the Roku really do offer everything you want with that said though I know it’s not right for everybody some people would be saying Apple TVs perfect for me some people are say hey Roku is perfect for me leave me a comment I’ll love to know which one do you pick and why and let’s just remember to be civil about this conversation because people get really heated about hey fire TVs the best Roku is the best you’re all idiots I get that I get it’s a personal connection but let’s be civil because what’s right for you I’ll be right for me or something else so let me know which one did you pick the next part of these questions.

I get a lot is what’s the future who’s gonna win fire TV or Roku they’re both great streaming players that growth both great devices and they’re both pulling away from the competition according to a recent in-house survey Roku now controls 70% of our readership so some good percent the core crime market the fire TVs jump to 40 well I found very interesting there’s a lot of crossover have a Roku in the living room fire TV in the bedroom for example or the other way around what is interesting though is Morgan Stanley has jumped in with an up day anis that’s almost exactly in line with what our surveys show our surveys have been showing that Roku hasn’t been growing they’ve been staying around 70 73 percent of the market share for our TVs been slowly edging up it’s a help to 40 up from 35 this summer so the fall server is at 40% fire TV penetration versus 35% months our readers and Morgan Stanley said the same thing Amazon’s market share is growing Roku market share is staying steady doesn’t mean they’re not selling new devices because the markets growing Roku is just controlling the same percentage.

Roku VS Firestick VS Chromecast

that percentage now represents some more devices so keep that mine so what’s this mean for the future well Apple is that growing core into our turn surveys Android TV is there but it’s very small compared to others chromecast game systems all that’s out there too but way behind the fire TV in the Roku market before when it comes to dominating streaming in the living room Roku has a huge share I don’t think Roku is in any danger of being overtaken by Amazon anytime soon with that said Amazon has a credibly effective marketing and sales machine of course they not only hold foods and they’re pushing for our TVs all that Whole Foods and amazon.com and they hack it seems like you can’t even search for a Roku now see if our TV ads somewhere on the banner or something home screens it’s just everywhere out there Roku has a pre aggressive marketing machine too and brokers and Walmart where the VAR TVs are I did have a very interesting thing this week though I was at Best Buy buying the

so he came out this week because mine was delayed and delivery didn’t get there too much later in the day and I wanted it now to review it so we know best by the huge display center main aisle huge fire TV display with echoes and all kinds of stuff huge displays on the end caps in this home entertainment section all around the part with rogue particular down the aisle all around the road cooler fire TVs walked up to the checkout counter and behind the counter of the party were boxes and boxes of our TVs hundreds I’m not kidding hundreds of fire TVs just lined up against the wall behind the counter top and the cash register area as Best Buy.

Roku VS Firestick Alexa

as I was waiting a line I talked to a manager there and I asked her like hey are those all fire TV so those really all fold them she said yeah we just got big shipment and we get shipments like this you know regularly she said that’s Rafael Roku howís Roku doing and her response was it sells well but not as well as the prior TV and some of that may because Best Buy and Amazon have struck a deal Best Buy is now one of the official sellers of the fire TV Smart TVs now from like Toshiba there’s another brain out there maybe I’m not so she where the brand is I’m blanking out in the name the two brains are making fire TV edition Smart TVs but Roku’s are there but you have to go down the aisle it’s not quite as up front and center as a part of TV’s so.

then you got Whole Foods and got Amazon so Amazon has a huge machine pushing these devices out Roku does too but just not in the same way as the part of TV there is a great saying though Walmart is still extremely dominated in tech and everything and being in Walmart and not up and not having the fire TV so the one where it’s probably helping Roku so what do I think is gonna happen in the future well after seeing Best Buy there is no argument that there’s strength of the fire TV sales is very good they’re selling them cheap they’re
making a decent product and they have great partnerships out there Roku though has such a huge strength has a really loyal fan base and they are still doing

very well with all kinds of people who want a simple device roll crews also announced one in every four Smart TVs sold in the United States now runs the Roku less that’s huge that is really an important note there to remember that Roku is so big that they are able to sit a one-in-four Smart TVs so it seems like rookies really doubling down on the idea that the future of their service is Roku TVs and Roku players are still gonna be important they’re still going to some what Roku TVs is the future so what does that mean I don’t know I think I could just paint a scenario here where Roku’s gonna be dominant in the future thanks to their partnerships on TVs having so.

Roku vs Firestick vs Hulu

many brands make Roku TVs I could say hey Amazon such a juggernaut out there that eventually they could just by sheer force with the partnerships with Best Buy ownership of Whole Foods and amazon.com push the fire TV out there to so many people and really dominate it what can we see what happens there well I’m interested to know which one do you think is going dominated because I don’t think there’s any wrong answers here I really do think that it’s an open argument I would say though the argument has really come down to fire TV vs Roku fighting it out Apple TV’s not gonna going to work Andrew TVs not gonna go over anytime soon at least.

even that you know only 25% of the market share app money that’s a very fast-growing very profitable area to be in I think Apple is doing fine even the smaller Android TV that’s fine but I think fire TV and Roku really are the two top dogs right now to be and I don’t think they’re gonna be giving up that rolling anytime soon so I wanna know from you which one do you will own out why which one do you think is going when is it gonna be the Amazon juggernaut is it gonna be the third row who’s open market

there where they’re just kind of letting everybody on their platform as long as your legal service out there which one’s gonna win in the long run and let me know and which one would you if you had to paw put money down on it okay we’re not gonna take any bets no betting but directly if you had to put your mind where your mouth was who do you really think is gonna win that’s what I want to know right now but I’m gonna be keeping an eye on this I think in a year I’m going to try to update this video and say hey which one is gonna be there if I had a purpose in I don’t think we’re gonna change I think Roku is got such a huge lead and their sales are continuing to grow I think Roku is gonna continue to dominate and I think it’s interesting to remember that Roku’s main profit margin is not the part is not selling the devices it’s the ads and the features that come with it

you know subscriptions and more through the Roku’s of where they make most of money that’s why they’re basically given away they go as TV manufacturers Amazon also doesn’t make a majority of money off the sell the device both by movies buying TV shows Amazon channel subscriptions and more so I think it’s very interesting that both of them don’t make them enjoy the money on the device they’re making majare their money on everything else so keep an eye on them but I think for now if I put my money down Roku.

you from now will maintain the lead I think Bharti who continued to close I don’t think Roku is gonna be overtaken in the next year I could be wrong but I think the TV sales the strong sales of TVs for Roku will help keep them in the lead all right everybody there are two very common questions I get hopefully this answered a lot of questions hopefully it starts a fun discussion no no let me know what you think of these special Q&A; is where I can really dive deep into a couple topics and answer your related questions I’ll pull out a link to a story down below where you can read more about this if you want to learn more and a link to our the deal for the toast dotnet to get $5 off every month for the first year the fiber plants and Thanks for read Roku VS Firestick. Their DSL planes over 18 down alright everybody take care have a great day thank you for your support I really appreciate it hit that like hit that subscribe hit that notification belt we appreciate your support.

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