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ShowBox for Firestick is available now, you can download Showbox app for firestick after this latest version. Even Showbox for Amazon Firestick is possible. ShowBox is a free FireStick apps that displays movies, TV shows and sports directly on your FireStick device. Many Showbox users don’t realize that Showbox can be installed on FireStick, which allows you to download your favorite media content. If you follow our instructions, you can install Showbox on FireStick to watch movies and TV shows on your TV with FireStick.

Before we begin, you must connect your FireStick device to the HDMI port on your HDTV. If you watch other streaming content, e.g. B. The latest films, TV series, live TV shows, live sports broadcasts and children’s films, you can get them through the best FireStick channels. Amazon FireStick has a Fire operating system that supports Android applications, making it easier for users to install many popular Android applications. Showbox App for FirestickViewing free content on the internet can be punished. For this reason, we recommend using NordVPN to anonymize your real IP address. Secure streaming with VPN.

Install Showbox for FireStick using Downloader app

Below are the steps needed to install ShowBox on FireStick with Downloader

  1. First go to Settings> System> Developer Options and then enable “ADB Debugging” and “Applications from Unknown Resources”.
  2. Click the search icon and search for the “Downloader” application and install the application if it is not already installed
  3. Open the Downloader application and enter the URL in the URL area. Then click Download
  4. Now click the “Install” button to install ShowBox on FireStick
  5. You’re done! This allows you to run ShowBox on FireStick.

Control ShowBox with Amazon Fire TV Remote

Before we begin, let’s look at the basic problems that users face. After installing ShowBox, you can no longer navigate in the application, because you can only scroll or navigate up and down with Amazon Firestick. For this reason, you cannot select or click on movies or TV programs. But after hours of research, we found a solution to this problem.

Toggle Mouse for Fire TV must be installed on your Firestick to solve this problem. You can download it for the Android or iOS application version on your smartphone. It costs around $ 2.99 or you can download the latest cracked version anywhere on the Internet.

After downloading and installing the mouse Toggle application, follow the steps below to make it work.

  1. Open the Mouse Toggle application on your device.
  2. Tap the menu on the left side of the screen
  3. Now click Select Fire TV
  4. A list of all available Fire TVs is displayed after searching.
  5. Now just select the TV Fire team team.
  6. Then click on the menu and tap Install Fire TV application
  7. You can now update or install Mouse Toggle on Fire TV.
  8. Then click the “Send” button and a connection will be made.
  9. Now wait for the installation and transfer to finish.
  10. Now back to the fire stick.
  11. Make sure you have activated the “ADB Debugging” button to make sure it works properly.
  12. Now open the application and activate “Activate mouse service”.
  13. You can also activate it when the device starts (highly recommended)
  14. Ensure that the status at the bottom of the “Getting Started” screen, otherwise it will crash.

How to activate it?

You can press the pause / play button twice to enter mouse mode and tap once to enter the remote control mode.

How to control it?

  • Up, Down, Left, Right to move the mouse pointer
  • To click the mouse, just click Select
  • You can scroll up using the menu button
  • You can use the fast forward key to scroll down
  • Press and hold the selector and the direction to drag or swipe.

Now click on the mouse toggle option that is highlighted

After installing ShowBox on FireStick, you will be able to see all media content found in the application and enjoy streaming!

Install Showbox on Firestick without a PC

Note: We recommend using the download method (see above) to install the showbox on firestick, because the showbox sometimes causes errors when you try to install without a PC.

  1. Connect Amazon FireStick to your TV
  2. Open the FireStick home screen> Click “Settings” by going to the right menu
  3. Select Settings> Device options
  4. Now tap Developer Options
  5. Enable ADB debugging options. This allows anyone to install the application on your network.
  6. We also need to activate the Enable application option from an unknown resource so you can install Showbox on FireStick.
  7. A warning message appears asking you not to download, but you still need to click OK. Error displayed because this is a third-party application that is not available on the Amazon Store.
  8. Go back to the ShowBox FireStick main menu and click on the available search by navigating on the left.
  9. Look for “Es File Explorer” in the search icon
  10. If you scroll down on your FireStick screen, the ES File Explorer application is now available below
  11. Now just click Install and open the application.
  12. When you open the ES File Explorer homepage, select “Favorites” from the menu on the left
  13. Then select the “Add” button (under the ‘Favorites’ option).
  14. Now you must enter the path and name in the Add to Favorites dialog box.
  15. Paste the URL under the path menu and name the path as the showbox. This is the FireStick ShowBox APK that needs to be installed. Then click the Add button.
  16. To download the official Showbox app, you need to visit the “Showbox” bookmark listed in the favorites section.
  17. Tap the Download option> Wait for the download to finish
  18. Now open the download folder and tap the FireStick Showbox app.
  19. Click the Install button.
  20. Now wait for the installation to finish.
  21. Click Open to open the showbox.
  22. After you open ShowBox for FireStick, you can watch movies, TV shows, and live broadcasts for free sports. So how to add ShowBox to FireStick

Final words

We hope we have made this manual clearer for you to watch free movies and TV shows on your FireStick device. This is a guide where you install ShowBox for FireStick and enjoy free streaming. You can also install the showbox on other devices, including SMART TV, Android Box, PC, iPhone, Ps4, Roku and many others. The instructions above show two methods for installing the ShowBox application. The first method is without a PC method, while the second method includes the Downloader and ES File Explorer methods.

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